10 Quick and Easy High-Protein Snacks

10 Quick and Easy High-Protein SnacksMaintaining your energy levels during the day is crucial in a healthy lifestyle.  When the body and mind feel like “crashing,” so too does your energy level, which could drive you to make poor choices with your diet.  Whether your lifestyle is right on track or you need a few pointers with dieting, every individual needs to snack effectively in order to prevent packing on the pounds.  In order to do this; however, one needs to select the proper snack to maintain a long-lasting, energized feeling the rest of the day.

If you work out at the gym a lot, sit, or go long periods of time without eating, your body needs a pick me up.  Maintaining energy levels does not mean grabbing a second or third cup of coffee; rather, it entails providing proper nutrition to the body so that glucose levels can be maintained.  In order to do this, your snack will need protein.  Protein is an essential food source in that it builds muscle, nourishes, and repairs the body.  In addition, protein is broken down much slower in the body than carbs and fats, meaning you stay full for a longer period of time.  The next time you shop for your snacks at the store, consider grabbing high-protein snacks to nourish your body.  Consider the 10 options below the next time you shop.

10 Quick and Easy High-Protein Snacks

  1. Pumpkin seeds. One half cup serving of this seed type will deliver approximately 14 grams of protein [1].  Pumpkin seeds are a great option in the fall season because when you buy your pumpkins for the family to carve, you can save the seeds and enjoy a great treat.
  2. Hard boiled eggs. This is a great option for a work snack.  Hard boil half a dozen for the week and have one prepared and ready to eat a couple hours after lunch.  Eggs have a bad rep for raising cholesterol, but they actually raise good cholesterol and help keep you feeling full for longer.
  3. Baked tofu sticks. Tofu is one of the healthiest options for providing ample protein.  Make these sticks ahead of time in the week and take them with you to work.  If you like to munch on potato chips, swap out tofu sticks for these for a delicious snack loaded with protein.
  4. Lentils. Generally these are provided at dinner time, but a cup of cooked lentils will provide 22 grams of protein [3].  Prepare these ahead of time and pack a spoon or fork to make this a healthy snack option.
  5. Low-Sodium, low-fat cottage cheese. Most brands of cottage cheese offer around 14 grams of protein per serving for around 100 calories.  Aim for the low-sodium option as cheese tends to be high in and too much sodium in the body will have you retaining water (leading to weight gain).
  6. Greek yogurt. Skip the Yoplait and other brands of yogurt and grab the real Greek yogurt options.  Make sure the yogurt is Greek strained when purchasing the yogurt and be aware of your ingredients.  One, seven ounce serving of Greek strained yogurt from Fage contains 20 grams of protein.  This is sure to keep you full for a long time.
  7. Rice Crispy treats. This is a spin-off on the traditional Rice Crispy treat.  This recipe includes the traditional ingredients, but the key ingredient added to make it a high-protein snack is vanilla protein powder.
  8. Protein Shake. One scoop of your favorite protein powder plus water, milk, and some wholesome fruit and you will be full for hours.  Be cautious on how many ingredients you add and try to keep the calories, fat, and sugar content low.
  9. Edamame. One half cup of this soy bean will provide about eight grams of delicious protein, making edamame a great snack option during the day.  Eat them cold or slightly warm in place of your potato chips and lightly salt them for flavor.
  10. Roasted Chickpeas. Roasting these early in the week and packaging each in a one-fourth-cup serving will be a great way to have a high-protein snack on the go.  A one-fourth cup serving provides 21 grams of protein and ample fiber.



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