10 Tips to Find the Best Personal Trainers in Arizona

10 Tips to Find the Best Personal Trainers in ArizonaGetting help from a professional when you are trying to slim down is a smart idea, especially if you’ve never really done much physical activity in the past. A personal trainer can help you choose the right exercise(s) to target the problem areas of your body. To help you find a personal trainer to guide you throughout your weight-loss program, I’ve created the top 10 tips on finding the best personal trainer in Arizona.

1. Perform a background check before hiring a personal trainer

Getting a personal trainer is an investment. Hence, before you start hiring you need to check if the trainer is certified through a legitimate personal training organization. A trainer can’t train unless he/she is well educated with the basics and right workouts to stimulate weight loss.

2. A personal trainer should have an updated CPR and First Aid training certificate

There is always the risk of an exercise-related injury occurring.  A CPR and First aid training certificate may be very helpful to ensure your safety should the unfortunate occur.

3. Your Trainer should be physically fit

Do not choose a trainer whose size does not justify their profession. Remember, a good trainer should be physically fit because his/her physique reflects how much they value discipline and self compliance with their own teachings. Beware of trainers who have more fat than muscle or trainers that don’t look healthy and well.

4. A good personal trainer should have a good personality

A personal trainer should be friendly, comfortable to work with, professional and knowledgeable with their craft. They should be able to teach you the right diet and fitness workouts, answer all your questions, encourage and motivate you to reach your goal and patient at all times.

5. Always check the trainer’s credentials and experience

When you are looking for a personal trainer be observant with what you see in the office. If you see many certificates of recognition or trainings hanging on the wall it’s a good sign that the trainer is fully equipped with the knowledge needed to make a dieter lose weight. Moreover, you need to check if their experience is related to the goal that you want to achieve. For example, you can’t hire a trainer whose forte is bodybuilding when your goal is to lose weight through yoga or meditation. Do your research.

6. Hire a personal trainer with a good reputation

A trainer with a good reputation has a long list of loyal clients, and you often hear their name through word of mouth. Ask around your inner circle of friends for recommendations on who they use or recommend.

7. Location

The location of the gym is a thing to consider when hiring a personal trainer as well. It is highly recommended that you choose a gym that is easily accessible to you. That is to help reduce the time spent when you travel back and forth. There’s no point choosing a great personal trainer who is 60 minutes drive away, as you will soon use this as an excuse not to attend.

8. Price

Choose a personal trainer that charges a reasonable fee. Always consider your budget and compare prices before you start hiring. Remember the key to success is to be consistent with your training. Therefore, you need to hire someone who you can afford to pay until the end of the program.

9. Choose a trainer who can arrange a program that is tailor fit for you

Always check the program that the trainer offers. If you are not satisfied with the program and if you find the training too difficult for you it’s a good sigh to turn it down. Remember, you are paying for a “personal” trainer, not a generic stock standard trainer.

10. A trainer should be attentive and can address your needs

A trainer should know how to keep track of your progress, and they must be capable of making certain changes to enhance your weight loss potential. Be careful of trainers who don’t put effort into changing your program or seem to prescribe you the same exercises over and over again.


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