10 Ways to Create a Healthier Work Environment

10 Ways to Create a Healthier Work Environment

Let’s face it…you spend a lot of time at work, and if you have an unhealthy work environment, it can sometimes take a toll on your health and fitness. Whether you’re an employer or employee, here are 10 simple tips you can follow to create a healthier work environment.

10 Easy Tips for Creating a Healthy Work Environment

  1. Hire staff that fits in with the culture. Typically, people are hired based on prior experience and while it’s great to have experience, fitting in with the culture is just as important. If an individual has bad habits or conflicting viewpoints, it can drag the entire office down.  This is why the interview process is important in hiring the best fit person.  Consider finding someone who wants to grow with the company and watch the environment grow as well.
  2. Keep it clean. One way to promote a healthy work environment is to promote cleanliness.  Think of it this way; if your office space is littered with clutter, trash, and a big mess, it reflects poorly on you and the company.  Clean it up to promote a healthy workspace.
  3. Have a solitude spot. What is a solitude spot?  This is a place where employees or anyone who works at the company can go to meditate and relieve stress in a peaceful and healthy manner.  This is a way to help improve morale and promote a calm, healthy environment.
  4. Pay attention to ergonomics. Consider finding equipment, computers, workstations, and chairs for your office that offer proper ergonomics.  The improved posture will help keep blood flow in the body and it will cut down on the amount of energy being used to prevent slouching.
  5. Clean air for clean lungs. Nobody wants to show up to a workspace that always feels dusty and dirty, so consider offering clean, filtered air to everyone.  If you are an employee, consider adding a fan that filters air in your workspace to keep away the dust spores.
  6. Take breaks for activity. If you have a desk job, this one is for you.  Sitting all day is not good for the body since it promotes fat storage and resting conditions.  If you want to promote a healthy work environment, consider walking five minutes to every hour.  This means you should take a lap around the building, go to the bathroom that is farthest away from you, or simply get up and jog in place (or do jumping jacks).  The point is to elevate your heart rate just enough to keep your fitness in top shape and sometimes getting up and moving can spike your heart rate to at least 100 beats per minute.
  7. Positive environments are for winners. Keeping a positive mind in your workspace can be challenging at time, but when you avoid negativity, you avoid being “that” person at work.  Try and be as positive as possible at work to help complete your weekly goals and to keep your good energy flourishing.
  8. Walking workstations. Sitting at a desk all day is a thing of the past.  New technology offers walking workstations for virtually any office space.  Ask your boss for one of these or if you are an employer, buy a couple and supply them and watch the employees flock to the energy busting station.
  9. Biking workstations. These are a bit more practical than the walking work stations and it is something that you can do all day long.  Burn energy while working to keep your mind strong and your body healthy.
  10. Healthy potlucks. Offices are notorious for potlucks and other treats that leave many people saying “ok, just a little.”  This promotes a lackluster afternoon and also fat storage.  Rather than having fattening potlucks, consider offering salmon treats, appetizers, fruit, veggies, and any healthy dish you can think of.



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