10 Ways to Make Your Chicken More Flavorful

10 Ways to Make Your Chicken More FlavorfulIn the heart of grilling season, it is expected that hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, fish, and chicken all get grilled accordingly.  Cooking your meat does not have to be grilled, but it is a summer time favorite for many.  Chicken is one of the hardest proteins to cook out of all the aforementioned meats, even when it is baked or fried.  If you find that your chicken breasts have been lacking in the flavor department, consider reading below to help add some summer sizzle to your chicken breasts.

10 Ways to Make Your Chicken More Flavorful

If you are like many adults out there on a healthy diet plan, you have more than likely encountered dry and tasteless chicken.  What gives?  Shouldn’t it always taste like that tender, juicy breast you first learned how to cook?  Listed below are 10 options to help improve upon those boring chicken breasts you have been serving.

  1. Lemon Herb Chicken. One way to improve the flavor and dullness of your chicken is to add fresh ingredients that add excitement.  Using fresh lemons, thyme, chicken breasts, parsley, and garlic, you too can start wowing your company and your family with some flavorful chicken.  Goodbye boring chicken.  Check out the recipe for lemon herb chicken here.
  2. Marinate Your Chicken. Be cautious on the marinade you choose, but adding some flavorful marinade can really make the difference with dry and flavorless chicken.  Using a little olive oil and your favorite herbs and seasons, marinade your chicken for at least three hours prior to cooking.
  3. Cooking Temperatures. It is imperative that you cook your chicken properly, making sure to cook it thoroughly so that no pink remains in the meat when slicing it.  Most guidelines suggest that you cook it to 160 degrees F in order to reach this.  When you cook, use a thermometer and aim to get your temperature as close to that as you can.  Helpful hint:  if you cook the chicken to 150-155 degrees F and pull it off the grill, usually it will continue to cook and after about 3-4 minutes, the inside temperature will surpass 160 degrees F.
  4. Use Flavorful Sauces. Be cautious on the caloric content of your sauces, but adding this small aspect to your chicken can really spice it up.  Dijon mustard makes a healthy and tasty sauce for chick, which is why this recipe is perfect for your repertoire.
  5. Use Lime. You can grow limes almost everywhere in the world as long as you have water to feed the plant.  Also, limes are generally cheap in most grocery stores.  Using a little lime and more beneficial ingredients listed here, your chicken can be revamped using small and beneficial techniques.
  6. Do Not Freeze. Many of us purchase our chicken in bulk from the store and freeze the portions we are not using.  While this is a time saver and money saver, it unfortunately dries out the chicken much quicker.  If you struggle with dry chicken breasts, consider purchasing fresh (not from the freezer section) and cook it within 24 hours from purchasing.  Note the differences in the flavor and the tenderness.
  7. Add Spice. For those who like some flavor with your foods, consider this  Be cautious with the added brown sugar glaze, but the ingredients of paprika, oregano, and garlic really add a zing to your chicken.  Consider marinating the chicken with these spices for more spice flavor.
  8. Rub your Chicken Breasts. Rubs are popular with red meats and chicken alike, but a good rub can really bring out a good flavor with your poultry.  Consider using a cayenne-based rub for hot flavor or an “all purpose” rub for your chicken.
  9. Use a Meat Tenderizer. These can be purchased where you find utensils for the kitchen, but a meat tenderizer can be used just prior to cooking.  You choose how much to tenderize the chicken breast and pretty much this will help make your chicken tender.  Add your favorite spice or marinade and you will have perfectly cooked chicken.
  10. Stuff the Chicken. After using a meat tenderizer, consider stuffing your chicken with spinach, cheese, or any other vegetables that can fit.  Cook the chicken to the appropriate temperature by baking for about 30 minutes.  The flavor of the stuffing used will permeate in the chicken meat, causing it to taste flavorful.



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