12 Easy Ways to Move More Throughout the Day

12 Easy Ways to Move More Throughout the Day

Movement is a great way to help regulate body weight and when you participate in a Scottsdale weight loss program, it is easy to stay on when you move more and sit less throughout the day.  Physical activity is a powerful tool that can help with disease prevention and weight control. Here are 12 easy ways to get more movement in throughout your day.

12 Simple Ways to Move More Every Day

  1. Step it out. Why are so many people talking about getting more steps in throughout the day and why does this matter?  It is recommended to get 10,000 steps in every day to help manage weight. The more steps you take throughout the day translates into less time that you are resting, and since 10,000 steps take a while to accomplish, it can help you quickly reach your fitness goals.
  2. Drink more water. The more water you drink, the more trips you need to take the bathroom.  Not only will this keep you healthy and hydrated, but it’s also a very easy way to make sure you’re getting up and moving on a regular basis throughout the day.
  3. Park in the far spot at work. Why fight for the front spot?  You can add a significant amount of steps per day just by parking far away. Keeping with this mentality in other scenarios will help you successfully reach your goals.
  4. Take a long bathroom break. When you take a bathroom break, purposefully find the one that is farther away to get in more steps.
  5. Get an activity tracker. Activity trackers are a great way to motivate you to move more throughout the day.  They provide you with data that shows how your activity levels stack up on a daily basis. Start a step challenge with your friends and family so you can make physical activity into a game.
  6. Get a standing work station. Consider asking for a standing work station so that you no longer have to sit at your desk all day.  Just standing alone will increase your energy expenditure so that you burn fat more effectively.
  7. Tidy your house. Housework is a great way to get more activity, so instead of having someone else do your housework, do it yourself to burn some extra calories, and if you have more professional job like repairing the roofs, you can go to this site to find a good roofing company.
  8. Bike instead of drive. How often do you drive your car up the street to the store that is less than half a mile away when all you only needed was one item?  Take out your bike, spend 10 more minutes, and do the work yourself.  It is a fun way to get more activity.
  9. Play a sport. Gather up a few of your favorite friends and family and play some basketball, golf, softball, or tennis together. Most cities have a number of social sports leagues, which are a great way to add more movement to your day and add variety to your workout regimen.
  10. Go on an evening walk. When you get home from work, it can be tempting to lay on the couch and decompress.  Rather than resting, consider taking a walk with the family, friends or your dog.
  11. Stretch it out. If you do have to sit at work, then the least you can do is get up every hour and do light stretching or easy marching.  The trick is to work 50 minutes and spend the remaining 10 minutes for your health.
  12. Work out while watching TV. Ok, you want to watch your 7 o’clock show?  Do it while walking on the treadmill or cycling on the bike.  Make this a household rule for everybody.

Moving more throughout the day doesn’t have to be hard.  Our minds can trick us into thinking we are fatigued, but the truth is that if you move more, you will want to continue to keep moving.  Similarly, if you sit for extended periods of time, the more you will want to continue sitting.  Get on the path to a healthy cycle and keep moving!


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