2014 Fittest Female Celebrities

Getting a little inspiration from the rocking sexy body of the celebrities can be a great way to motivate yourself to meet your weight loss goal. A-Lister or not, being disciplined is what it takes to lose weight and stay fit! Here is the list of the fittest female celebrities of 2014 and their weight loss secrets.

Maria Menounos Maria Menounos   

The 34-year-old star tops the list! Maria says that her secret to staying fit is her strategy when it comes to her work out! She tries different exercises to ensure that she keep the weight gain at bay.  She says, “I change it up and exercise outside, like playing volleyball on the beach. That way, I never feel like working out is a chore—it’s just fun!” In addition to this, she also grows her vegetable garden! Knowing where her food came from, makes her eat healthier.

Jessica Biel Timberlake

If you admire Jessica’s toned body, you might want to sign up for a training session with a celebrity personal trainer. She revealed she achieved her beautiful figure by being consistent with her personal training sessions. If you want her super-fit body, you need to be more focus on your weight loss training!


Losing baby weight may be difficult, but it’s not an impossible task. Just look at Pink and her gorgeous body! After giving birth to her daughter Willow, she shed the pounds by using different fitness routine such as cardio workouts, yoga and P90X. Pink is truly an inspiration to women who want to regain their pre-baby figure back.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the few actresses who is ageless in terms of their beauty and figure. What’s her secret? It’s the super toning yoga and intense cycling with her trainer Mandy Ingber.

Naya Rivera

The Glee star is often seen singing and dancing on her show which I suppose keeps her in shape. Aside from burning calories at work, Naya also does indoor workouts such as hot yoga and indoor cycling. Her strict schedule didn’t stop her from staying slim!

Cameron Diaz

We’ve never seen Cameron Diaz get out of shape. Her long legs and flat tummy seem to be permanent. It’s all because of her strict compliance to her diet and workout! She hangs out at the gym with her trainer at least 3-4 days a week, and she performs a 60 minutes of cardio workouts, weight training, Pilates or the combination of all three.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s rocking body is something that we all dream about. Her weight loss routine is very simple, and you can do it too! On her interview at Women’s Health, she says that she enjoys different workouts which she combines with other fitness routines such as hip-hop, dance, indoor cycling and sprint intervals. She keeps her workout diet that way because she doesn’t like doing repetitive workouts! “Anything where I have to do something, but I can get my mind off of doing it. That’s so much better for me than anything that’s repetitive. Or the music has to be loud, and I have to be moving,” she added.

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