The 30-Minute Full Body Workout in the Gym

The 30-Minute Full Body Workout in the GymThirty minutes every day of the week for a healthy outlook.  Maybe you have heard this before, but this is the recommended amount of exercise you should get every day at minimum.  With a busy life, schedule, and a work schedule that just is not supportive of going to the gym, going to the gym is hard and sometimes not possible when your workout is long.  After all, most of your workouts last an hour on the weekends and this doesn’t include showering, getting dressed, and stretching.

If you are like the millions of American adults, getting to the gym every day is something that takes the back seat.  Some prefer to exercise early in the day whereas some prefer afternoons, but if you are looking to make that leap of going to the gym consistently, you need a consistent plan.  Listed below is a complete head-to-toe, 30-minute full body workout for you to do at the gym on those days when time is strapped.

The 30-Minute Full Body Workout in the Gym

  • Warm-up. You always need to warm-up prior to exercising.  Take five minutes to perform light range of motion activities or light weight lifting with a few reps each to warm the muscles.  Total time: five minutes.
  • Jump Rope. This is the start of your workout which is great for increasing your heart rate and will help stimulate your fat burning.  Start out with 60 seconds of a fast paced jump rope to get the heart going.  Total time: one minute.
  • Power Squats. Grab a hold of a light-weight body bar and place it on your shoulders.  Your task is to perform power squats (yes with a slight jump up on your way up) for about 60 seconds or 15-20 reps.  Total time: one minute.
  • Not the most popular piece of equipment in the gym, but if you have one, this will make your full-body workout that much better.  Row about 3,000 meters using long powerful strokes and make sure to push with the legs and pull with the arms for good form.  Total time: three minutes.
  • Push-ups. Immediately upon finishing the rowing, drop to the ground and perform deep push-ups where your elbows reach at least 90 degrees.  Aim for an entire minute of push-ups and rest minimally if you cannot complete a full minute.  Total time: one minute.
  • Suspension Planks and Knee Tuck. If your gym has a rowing machine, you are likely to find a suspension system.  Perform planks with a knee tuck described here for a complete core busting exercise.  Aim to complete one set of 20 knee tucks on each side of the body.  Total time: 90 seconds.
  • Once you have completed your knee tucking, roll onto the floor for some hip bridging.  The goal is to complete one set bridges last for a full 60 seconds, then add in the hip bridge thrusts for an additional 30 seconds.  Total time 90 seconds.
  • Repeat the exercises (except the warm-up) one more time for a second set.
  • Finish the workout with some easy stretches that last about 3-4 minutes.  This video shows a complete stretching routine which lasts less than five minutes.  Total time: five minutes.

Keep at it

If you feel like your schedule is hectic and work is demanding, consider this 30-minute workout before or after work to help keep your body active and strong.  With access to the gym, there is a plethora of activities you can complete to help you get in your recommended exercise daily.  If you have some friends who like to exercise with you, bring this workout along and perform it as a group activity side-by-side to help save time.





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