The 30-Minute Hotel Room Workout

The 30-Minute Hotel Room WorkoutThe summer time travel season soon nears and with the many planned trips ahead, your workout routine should be the last routine you should leave behind.  Traveling on vacation or for that important business trip may invite your mind to tell your body to relax and let everything go, but your workout needs to come with you.

Some hotels or resorts you may travel to this summer may have a full gym, partial gym, or simply no gym for you to get your exercise.  Regardless of the facilities, you have no excuse to get your 30 minutes in while traveling.  No matter where you may be at any given time, you have two elements that can always allow for you to exercise without equipment.

Your body weight and gravity provide a good amount of force in which you can get a great 30 minute workout, with zero gym equipment, weights, or machines.  In fact, many body weight exercises can induce a great deal of fat burning and can help you stay lean over the summer when your shirt is likely to be off for a picture or two.  Listed in the section below is a 30 minute workout routine you can do in any hotel room and all it will require is your desire to continue on an exercise program and your body weight.

The 30-Minute Fat Burning Hotel Room Workout

The following exercises should be completed in order with little or no rest in between exercises unless otherwise stated.  For maximum reps, try to avoid long pauses during a particular set.  If you feel fatigued at any time, rest for about 30 seconds and continue on with the workout.

  • Jumping Jacks. Perform one minute of full armed jumping jacks to get the body revved up and ready to go for more exercise.  One full minute will have you breathing harder.
  • Push-ups. Perform max reps or push-ups, aiming to complete as many as possible in a full one minute.  Be true to the push-up form and bring the elbows under a 90 degree angle to get more benefit from the exercise.
  • Mountain Climbers. Make sure to keep the hips lower to the ground and avoid arching the buttocks in the air during the mountain climbers.  Perform one full minute of mountain climbers.
  • Alternating Lunges. Hands should stay on the hips the entire duration of the set.  Aim to complete max reps of each leg and try performing quicker alternating lunges to get more work from your thighs.
  • Toe Jumps. Shift your body weight on your toes and jump up and down on your toes as best as possible, attempting to avoid touching the heels on the ground.  Perform a full minute of toe jumps.
  • Body Weight Squats. Feet spread wide past your shoulders and you should lower your glutes so that the calf muscles touch the glutes when lowering down.  This is called a deep squat and will work your glutes better than any other squat variation.  Perform maximum reps of the deep squat.
  • No body weight workout is complete without burpees.  Perform 10 full burpees, jump included.
  • Abdominal Crunches. Once you are lying supine on the floor, your hands behind your head, you will only lift your shoulder blades off the floor while keeping the abs tight.  Perform maximum reps of the abdominal crunch.
  • Supine Straight-Leg Lifts. Following the crunches, straighten the legs and lift the feet about six inches from the ground and hold for about 60 seconds (or maximum time).  Make sure to count aloud during the lifts to help distract your mind on counting.
  • Lying prone on the floor, keep a tight stomach and arch the lower back area by lifting both the arms and both the legs off the ground.  Hold the superman pose for as long as possible.
  • Rest 60 seconds and repeat two more times for a total of three sets.




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