The 4 Best Exercises for Improving Your Performance in Spin Class

The 4 Best Exercises for Improving Your Performance in Spin Class

It’s no question that spin classes can be tough. With varying intensities, daunting class sizes, and different instructors, they are often intimidating and difficult to finish. But after burning hundreds of calories, you’ll leave class feeling accomplished and rejuvinated, I usually use the best Indoor Training Bikes with the best bike computers for it, that had show good results or even The Multi Trainer that I can use at home. These 4 exercises will work on your aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular endurance, lower body muscular endurance and core strength so that you can improve your performance for your next spin class.


Spin is going to require you to maintain an upright posture and core stability for a long duration of time. A strong and stable core will be essential to keeping proper posture so you can get through the class. Try exercises based on improving muscular endurance and stability throughout the mid-section such as planks, bird dogs, and anti-rotational exercises.


The quads will do a tremendous amount of work throughout the duration of a spin class, particularly during intense climbs or higher resistance phases. Try using exercises that will build power endurance and muscular endurance in the quads. Some great exercises for power endurance are higher repetition jump squats and jumping lunges. Weighted squats, lunges, and step ups are all great for building muscular endurance and strength in the quads.


Like the quads, the hamstrings will be used more specifically if you are using cycling shoes and have the ability to pull with your feet on the pedals, first of all you want to make sure to get a custom orthotics for flat feet so that you don’t have problems while doing the exercises. Preparing your hamstrings adequately will help you perform better and limit your risk of injury. Incorporate functional hamstring exercises like high repetition kettlebell swings, TRX hamstring curls, good mornings, and single leg hip presses.


You will be using both your aerobic glycolysis and anaerobic glycolysis systems during the class so you should train them outside of class to help build up your cardiovascular endurance. Try running, cycling, or swimming for longer durations of time to improve your aerobic capacity. HIIT training, interval sprints, and jump roping for rounds can all be utilized to help build up your anaerobic endurance so you can make it through those tough climbs in your spin class.



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