5 Healthy Snacks for Kids

5 Healthy Snacks for the KidsWith a lot of focus directed on adult snacks for a lean, slim figure while providing ample energy, there is a great importance for kids to have healthy options for snacks.  A snack is a between meal feeding that allows the body to receive energy to keep the body happy and healthy.  In addition, a snack is a way for kids to eat a little something without having to splurge on a full meal because they are hungry.

So what makes a good snack?  By now, most adults are aware that fruits and raw vegetables are a perfect option for kids… if you can get your child to eat them.  Sometimes it is tempting to give kids snacks that are quick and easy to make or are tasty for the kids, but this is a trap that is hard to avoid because these snacks are generally not as healthy as other options.  Listed below are five healthy snacks for kids.  Be sure to try each option and take a mental note as to how much they enjoy each.

Top 5 Healthy Snacks Options Every Kids Should Eat

  1. Yogurt Pops. Yogurt is a great option for adding needed protein in the child’s body.  A growing body needs healthy nutrients and plentiful protein, so adding this as a snack is ideal.  Try making your own yogurt Popsicle version by blending some whole Greek yogurt with fresh berries, and add a pretzel or stick for the handle.  Freeze the pops and enjoy a perfect, healthy snack for the kids.
  2. Fruit Kebobs. A fruit kebob is a fun way to offer a snack that is healthy and nutritious.  What better way to offer the snack than to offer it on a shiny kebob?  Add some yogurt and your kid will not only feel satisfied with the snack, but your kid will also be eating a snack that is healthy, low in calories, and nutritious.  This snack will be packed with vitamin C among others depending on the fruit you select.
  3. Ants on a Log. This is a classic for everyone and for good reasons.  Celery is low in calories and is loaded with fiber.  In addition, the nut butter you select will provide good energy for your kid to run around outside.  Consider using small amounts of peanut butter for the classic version or mix it up with almond butter, walnut butter, or any other nut butter to your kid’s liking.
  4. Whole Grain Options. Kids need carbohydrates to stay moving (we all do), but it is important to select the whole grain option.  Consider whole grain pretzels, toast, tortillas, and anything high in fiber.  Why offer whole grain snacks to your kids?  Whole grains are heart healthy and provide fiber that most children are lacking.  In addition, many whole grain products can whet a kids’ appetite, thus making whole grains a perfect option in the afternoon.
  5. A smoothie is a great option to hydrate and add valuable vitamins, minerals, protein, and calories for the child’s high metabolism.  Consider a kale smoothie, green power smoothie, or a berry flavored smoothie to add ample flavor.  In addition, avoid adding any sweeteners (including Stevia and Splenda).  Add some milk for protein or consider using water and half a serving of protein powder for beneficial protein for the growing body.

Your Challenge with your Kids

School is under way and you may be on the speedy search for healthy snack options.  While it is enticing to go after the fast snack option you find online to make your day more efficient, try hard the first two months of the school year to provide your kid with healthy snacks.  Try all of the options listed above to see which option they enjoy most.



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