5 Moves for Toned Arms

5 Moves for Toned Arms

It seems that no matter how hard you have been working your trouble areas seem to be giving you trouble.  For many people, the abdominal section and arms present issues that just cannot seem to go away with the program they are using.  While some moves may be great exercises in general, just remember that not all exercises can rid these trouble areas unless they are worked properly.

One of the most oft complained areas in the body are the upper arms, particularly behind the arms or the triceps.  The “flabby arm” syndrome is something that continues to cause issues for many individuals, but yet many struggle to find answers.  Follow along with these exercises below to help shape, tone, and eliminate those flabby arms.

5 Moves for Toned Arms

  1. Dips.  This is one of the hardest exercises around and for good reason; this is an exercise that works a trouble area in the body.  Your triceps and partly biceps and pectorals all get worked in this exercise.  The extending motion when performing a dip adds functional strength in the triceps and can shape and tone the arms in no time.  Start with as many as you can each set for a total of three sets.  Progress with one or two extra reps when your arms adapt in a couple weeks.
  2. Cardio.  Toning the body means you are replacing fat for muscle.  Sounds pretty easy right?  In order to do this; however, you will need to perform ample cardio and watch what you eat.  If you do not do cardio and watch your diet, your workouts become less efficient each time.  Think about it: you get your arms stronger, but do not rid any fat from your body.  This leaves you with just fat and strong arms with no definition.  For best results, consider interval cardio training such as interval running, cycling, or Tabata-style workouts and aim for about 20 minutes each when you first get started.
  3. Burpees.  This is the exercise that everyone loves to hate because it is one of the hardest around, but it works better than most exercises.  Try some burpees to shape and tone your flabby arms and notice a difference in no time.  Try about 10 burpees for three sets and progress with additional reps when you are ready.
  4. Push-Ups. Have you ever seen someone who can do 50 push-ups in one set and who also has flabby arms?  Probably not and this is because push-ups are an arm toning exercise everyone should be doing with each workout.  Try the push-ups that require you to go completely down to the floor and perform about three sets of 10.  Progress as your body adapts and progress with more reps with each set.
  5. Skull Crushers. This is a standard in triceps training, but it is also one of the best for developing the triceps.  If you desire some toned and strong arms, consider completing three sets of 10 and make sure to have a spotter, especially if you are using heavier weight.

60-Days of Toning Arms

Over these next 60 days, challenge yourself to start an arm toning workout.  Consider this a 60-Day challenge to help jump start a new you.  In addition to getting stronger arms, you will need to monitor what you eat.  Remember, the only way to have defined and toned arms is to eliminate body fat and the only way to do this is to perform at least 30 minutes of cardio daily and monitor your dietary intake.  These next 60 days will be more efficient if you try some interval cardio workouts or try Tabata exercises.  Once you complete the 60-Day challenge, make a mental note on how your trouble area is now one of your best features on your body.



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