5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight Fast

5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight FastMost dieters often give up their goals because their weight remains unchanging in spite of their extreme efforts to stick to their diet and fitness routine. Apparently, there are many reasons why weight loss becomes stalled. To help you figure out what you are doing wrong, here are five possible reasons why you’re not losing weight fast.

1. You are following the advice of diet companies: more diet and less exercise will make you lose weight

Most dieters are made to believe that they need to focus on the food that they eat more than anything else. Hence, they pay little attention to exercise. This practice may not make you gain weight but will not make you lose some either.

It’s time that you stop listening to diet companies that sell diet products and promote fad weight loss diets. Remember that their ads are meant to encourage you to patronize what they offer and not to make you lose weight.  If you want to be slim, I highly recommend that you eat a balanced diet and exercise often. Exercise makes you burn more calories and speed up the metabolism which can be very helpful in inducing weight loss.

2. You’ve gone overboard with protein and energy drinks

When you are eager to lose weight, you often rely on different products and drinks to help you build muscles and increase your energy levels. Energy drinks and protein shakes are quite helpful only if you use them in moderation.

Note that water is still the best thirst quencher that can keep you energized and hydrated when you work out. If you are looking for a good protein source, instead of the processed and powder formulas, you can opt for healthy food sources such as lean meat, fish, chicken and eggs.

3. You don’t believe in portion control

Successful dieters utilize portion control and often eat on portioned sizes. In order for you to lose weight, you need to limit your food intake, and you need to learn how to count your calories to prevent overeating, which is a culprit for most weight gains. To cut back pounds you need to be disciplined and willing to change your eating habits.

4. You’re are not living a healthy lifestyle

Diet and exercise will not suffice if you are not working hard to establish a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to achieve your weight loss goal, you need to learn how to motivate yourself to give up your vices. Cigarettes and alcohol are not good for your body and can greatly affect your metabolism.

5. You have a medical condition

Medical conditions can cause weight gain. Primarily because you need to comply with a certain treatment or drug that can affect how your body metabolizes calories and fat. At this instance, your priority is your health and there is no need to stop taking your medications just to lose weight. What you can do is focus more on exercise routines that can help boost your metabolism and improve your overall health.

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