5 Unhealthy Beers You Should Never Drink Again

5 Unhealthy Beers You Should Never Drink Again

A beer craze is upon us and while many brews may be delicious, there’s an abundance of health concerns that come with the consumption of this alcoholic beverage. Beer often contains a ton of empty calories that can negate your weight loss and fat loss goals. At 7 calories per gram plus the added carbohydrates from the hops and simple sugar maltose, many beers can pack on a huge number of calories. Furthermore, some popular beers have unhealthy additives that could be placing you at a health risk. Here are five beers you should avoid.

1. Lagunitas IPA

Although craft beers may be delicious, they are also jam packed with calories. Lagunitas IPA is no different and the calories primarily come from the carbohydrates in the grains that the brewer adds to give the beer it’s flavor. Unfortunately, these carbohydrates combined with the higher ABV of Lagunitas IPA will provide approximately 500+ calories with every beer. What can take a few minutes to enjoy could potentially take hours to burn off at the gym.

2. Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale is imported from England and is characterized for it’s rich caramel color and flavor. However, the way in which the color is established is a product of a potentially harmful ingredient. This beer has been found to have class 3 and 4 caramel coloring in it, which is made from ammonia, a known carcinogen. This means that continual exposure could be increasing your risk of cancer or fostering cancerous cells. Additionally, because alcohol is a carcinogen in and of itself, adding another the mix could be a recipe for disaster.

3. Miller Lite

Miller Lite is an extremely popular North American beer and is known for being light, refreshing and low calorie. This beer, however, contains both GMO corn and corn syrup—additives that could potentially cause health concerns, and given the surprising amount of GMO’s in many North Americans diets, adding more of these questionable ingredients to your diet might be a mistake.

4. Guinness Extra Stout

A play on the original low calorie Guinness Draught, the extra stout variety is also extra heavy on calories. At 176 calories and 14 grams of carbohydrates per 12 ounces, it’s very easy to pack on the calories and weight if you overindulge in this beer.

5. Corona Extra

This may be your choice of beach beers for those warm summer days, but Corona contains GMO corn syrup and propylene glycol, which is a is a food additive that can have potential health risks when consumed in large quantities.


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