5 Ways to Reduce Belly Bloat this Summer

5 Ways to Reduce Belly Bloat this SummerSummer is in full swing and the temperatures are rising.  When this happens, this means you probably are spending more time in the swimming pool, the lake, or even the beach.  In addition, you are more than likely going to be spending much more time wearing less clothing and more time with your shirt off.  When the temperature is rising this summer, your diet needs to remain impeccable, meaning you do not want to have belly bloat from some of the foods you eat.

Belly bloat is common with many summer-time foods.  One reason is due to high sodium treats, alcoholic beverages, and due to the high-fat foods often associated with summer cookouts.  If you have been working on your figure and watching what you eat, take it a step further and be aware that belly bloat occurs and can be prevented.  Listed below are the top five ways to reduce belly bloat this summer so that you can keep that slim look in your bathing suit.

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Belly Bloat this Summer

  1. Increase your fiber consumption. Some experts believe that belly bloat is not due to water weight in the belly; rather, it is due to gas in the intestines [1].  To avoid too much gas in your intestines, you should increase the amount of fiber in your diet.  Sure it may make you gassy, but avoiding constipation can be one of the best ways to prevent the buildup and storage of gas in your intestines.  Consider eating 25 grams of whole fiber every day and aim to consume whole grains to help receive adequate fiber intake.  Beans, lentils, and vegetables are great options for each meal to help increase daily fiber intake and remember to drink plenty of water.
  2. Limit your daily stress. Stress plays a vital role in overall health and this is especially true for belly bloating [2].  When the body is stressed, the amount of stress hormones is increased in the circulating blood, causing an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and slowing digestion.  The stress hormones also play a vital role in increasing circulating sugar in the blood, which can accumulate in the belly area if not used.  Consider relaxing massages, deep-breathing techniques, and an anti-inflammatory diet to help reduce the amount of stress hormones affecting your belly.
  3. Avoid salty foods. Salt is a way to add flavor in meals and one downside to a low-fat diet is that many foods load sodium into the meals to add flavor.  Be mindful; however, that sodium may be the culprit to your belly bloat [3].  Sodium chloride, or table salt, is a major contributor in the body and is required for muscle contraction and movement in the body.  Table salt attracts water in the body, meaning the more sodium you take in from your diet, the more water you retain.  If you consume many processed foods and possibly a low-fat diet, calculate how much sodium you are eating every day to see if you re within the daily requirements.  If you are above the daily requirements, your belly bloat may be a result of too much sodium intake.
  4. Watch your daily snacking. Summer time fun means you are likely to head to an outdoor party or barbeque.  If you do, be careful to avoid processed foods to avoid belly bloat before going swimming.  To avoid belly bloat, consider eating watermelons instead of chips, nuts, and any other salty foods to avoid excessive bloat [4].
  5. Limit your portions. It is understood that summer food is delicious, but the downside is the after effects of over eating.  Consider watching your portion sizes when served hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, steak, coleslaw, and potato salad.  Drink plenty of water and eat slowly to help prevent over eating.



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