5 Ways to Enjoy Your Workouts

5 Ways to Enjoy Your WorkoutsExercise… you love it and hate it all at the same time.  While you enjoy how you feel once you are finished with your workout, you feel sometimes it is a struggle to get to the gym and to have fun while there.  What gives?  You enjoy exercising, but seem to be in a rut.  The truth is, having fun and exercising can be polar opposites and while many enjoy the health benefits, it is hard at times for individuals to make it to the gym to enjoy some of the pain and difficulty that comes day-in and day-out with a regular exercise program.

If you are like many adults, finding ways to enjoy exercise can be a tedious task.  Do you enjoy watching TV while you are on the treadmill or do you prefer music and scenery on your run?  Do you enjoy working out alone and lifting weights or do you use this time to socialize using the buddy system?  If you are in a tough spot in your workout right now, consider the following five tips for increasing your enjoyment for your workouts.

Top 5 Tips to Enjoy Your Workouts

  1. Mix it up. One of the best ways to combat exercise boredom and to increase your enjoyment with exercise, is to change up your workouts.  If you are an avid runner, consider cycling during the hot summer months or swap to a rowing machine.  A small change such as this will keep your fitness level up, while working the legs.  Come running season, your fitness levels will remain high, your legs will remain strong, and your renewed enjoyment will be back and strong.
  2. Change your Music Playlist. Everyone has that favorite playlist they turn on to get amped up, but your mind can become tired of the same-ole, same-ole.  If this sounds like you, consider completely changing the genre of music you listen to and aim for songs that have 120-140 beats per minute to keep your stimulation high.  Avoid going back to that old playlist for at least two or three months and then notice how much enjoyment you get from your workout music.
  3. Add New Challenges. Maybe your workout routine is no longer fun because it has become too much of a routine.  Consider changing your challenges to increase your enjoyment levels.  For example, if you run long distances, consider changing your intensity up or start doing intervals over that long distance.  Similarly, if you lift weights and have been on the same program for some time, consider different lifts that work the same muscles to keep your enjoyment.
  4. Sometimes people need a fun motivation to get to the gym.  One way to make it more enjoyable is to reward yourself every once in a while.  Consider a massage right after you finish a hard workout, a new pair of shoes once you run 500 miles, or a new shirt to signify you increased your deadlift.  These rewards are small, but more importantly they are fun ways to bring that extra piece you need for your workout.
  5. Grab a Buddy. Use the buddy system to increase the enjoyment of your workout.  If you have been working out with a buddy already, then consider adding a third into the group.  Don’t have a buddy who is on the same level as you?  Then consider hiring a personal trainer to make the program more enjoyable so you can make the gains you need.

Your Challenge

Now that you have learned a few tips to increase your enjoyment in your exercise routine, take these skills and apply them this next month.  If you are in a rut or want to simply increase your enjoyment from your workout, find new music that you have not heard in a long time with a fast beat.  Find a buddy or hire a personal trainer to work in the buddy system.  Over this next month, take note of how your workouts are improved with this new enjoyment.



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