6 Morning Workout Motivation Tips

6 Morning Workout Motivation Tips

The best time for exercise ultimately depends on your schedule, but waking up early and getting active can set a positive tone for your day that will leave you feeling energized and motivated to be productive. Use these expert tips and tricks that actually work to get your fitness on at the break of dawn.  

1. Chill out to wake up.

By taking a cold shower, splashing cold water on your face or walking/running to the gym in cold weather, you will increase alertness and increase circulation to prime you for your upcoming workout. Cold temperatures and showers are also known to stimulate brown fat, which is the fat that allows us to shiver and generate heat to keep out bodies warm, therefore by exposing yourself to the cold you’ll not only be getting ready to get up for the gym but you’ll also be burning some extra calories as well.

2. Prepare.

Lay out your clothes, waist trainer, pick your playlist and prepare yourself for your morning workout. By preparing yourself ahead of time, you are given a constant reminder that you are supposed to work out and you will be less likely to want to lay back down and ditch your original fitness game plan.

3. Grab a friend.

Whether it’s a buddy or a significant other, bringing a friend along with you on a run or to the gym in the morning will hold you accountable to stick with your fitness program. Working out with a friend is also a great way to tap into your competitive side.

4. Set multiple alarms.

By setting a few different alarms at close intervals of time, you will eventually be forced to wake up. Try setting one alarm 10 minutes before you need to wake up and another at 5 minutes then by the time the actual alarm goes off you should be good to go.

5. Get to bed earlier.

Seems like an easy solution but many people simply don’t get enough sleep, therefore exercise in the morning is the last thing they want to be doing. By heading to bed 30-60 minutes earlier you can allow yourself just enough extra rest that should allow you to wake a bit more refreshed and ready for a workout.

6. Give yourself a pep talk.

Give yourself some mental preparation and inspiration by telling yourself you can do it. Rather than fall back asleep, tell yourself positive things that will motivate you to get up. Sit up and spend 2-3 minutes  doing this to ensure you don’t fall asleep and it will leave you much more motivated than before.



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