6 Ways Exercise in the Gym Improves Your Sex Life Drastically

Searching for ways to improve your sex performance?

Did you know that exercise influences your sex life directly?

You must have heard of all the benefits of physical activity. From illness prevention to overall optimized wellness, physical activity is one of the most important commitments that drastically improves your wellbeing.

Studies and experience show that exercise does indeed help your sex life, improving its quantity and quality, boosting desire, arousal, and satisfaction.

Exercise can tackle many existing problems related to sex or prevent them from happening.

You can fight bad moods, lack of energy, inactivity, inflexibility, and even more complicated ones like low sex drive or Erectile Dysfunction.

Exercise & Sex: What is the Relation?

<1. Exercise Affects Your Sex Appeal

Regular exercise boosts confidence and self-love in many ways. Self-esteem helps you feel better about yourself, promoting a positive body image.

As you get stronger and leaner, your sense of achievement will increase. You will be able to make better use of your body and muscles to give and get pleasure.

Being comfortable in your own skin and confident in your abilities will release good energy so you won’t hesitate to show your gains in bed.

This improved version of yourself will become a turn-on, not only for you, but for your partner as well. Your other half will get aroused by your confidence, fitness progress, and athletic performance.

2. Exercise Balances Hormones Connected with Sex

Exercise supplies us with endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin which keep us happy and optimistic. These chemicals stimulate the parts of our brain that want more adventure and pleasure, aiding orgasm.

Endorphins stimulate the release of sex hormones which reduce your heart rate, improve digestion, blood circulation and calm the body.

Long relationships and other family problems may lead to a long-term decrease in sexual drive. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Getting a regular supply of these neurotransmitters allows for better moods and will to improve your relationship and sex life. 

In addition, regular exercise lowers the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and helps in dealing with and managing stress better.

You can put this extra energy to good use by experimenting with dirty things because your mind is in the right place. And as they say, the sky is the limit.

3. Exercise Prevents and Improves Erectile Disfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction is the incapacity to get or keep an erection during sex. It is more common than you think and might come from underlying health problems, high stress, and even lack of self-confidence.

Blood flow problems to the penis are one cause of ED that can be enhanced through exercise. 

Research shows that men who work out regularly have a 20% less chance to develop ED than those who don’t exercise.

In addition, training the pelvic floor muscles helps combat erectile dysfunction. There are also tons of proven exercises to incorporate into your workout routines.

Exercise tackles premature ejaculation problems as well. One study found that a 3-month program of pelvic floor exercises helped men control their ejaculation better and increase their time to climax.

4. Exercise Improves Sex Performance

Sex is just like exercise, it involves repetitions, so make them count and vary. Regular exercise increases heart rate, endurance, regulated breathing, and activates muscle efficiency.

More muscle mass means more strength, especially the core, leg, back, and arm muscles used in the sheets. All these will lead to a better sex life where you get the most of your time with your partner.

Different trainings bring different benefits in your sex life.

Cardio- aerobic exercises improve your stamina, endurance, and blood flow, helping you keep your energies and breathing stable while in action. As you get less tired in your daily life, you will get less tired in bed as well.

Yoga and Pilates improve flexibility and elasticity, preparing you for more challenging tasks. 

Strength increases muscular strength and produces more testosterone which increases sex drive and stimulates sexual arousal.

5. More Exercise, More Sex

Did you know that depression, bad moods, and high stress can cause low libido? But exercise can undo every evil in this world, and a low sex drive is a major one.

A study found that the sex drive increases among regular exercisers and their improvement in fitness.

The enhancement in sex drive comes from physical and physiological factors, such as strength, flexibility, endurance, self-esteem, and better moods.

Women who train regularly have a higher libido than those who do not as well. Exercise increases arousal and sexual stimulation through improved blood flow and circulation.

Moving forward, we all know the relation between sex and testosterone. Low testosterone levels is the primary cause of low libido or having no desire for sex.

Exercise is a natural booster of the production of testosterone in men and women. The more you exercise, the more the body produces testosterone which brings about constant sexual arousal.

Now you know why gym-goers are the horniest people around.

The best training styles to boost testosterone levels are HIIT and weightlifting– that’s where you also get the heart pumping.

6. Sex Doesn’t Undermine Training Performance 

You may have heard that sex is restricted to athletes before important events because it hinders athletic performance.

Some people who train strength and powerlifting call sex a ‘testosterone waster’.

But studies have debunked this claim. As it was proven in a study conducted with male athletes, sexual activity does not affect training performance.

Even though exercise requires energy and can lead to fatigue, overall, it translates into more and better energy in your life.

Sex has many health benefits, such as reducing stress, reducing the chance of prostate cancer, reducing pain, improving sleep, and making you enjoy life more.

Exercise Tips for a Better Sex Life 

  1. Perform more high intensity aerobic exercises to help you build stamina and last longer.
  2. Focus on training glutes, quads, core, and upper body. 
  3. Make hip thrust your best friend.
  4. Stretch regularly, and practice balance and flexibility exercises.
  5. Perform pelvic floor muscle exercises because it improves sexual self-efficacy in women and men.
  6. Practice exercises such as planks, push-ups, squats, kettlebell swings, etc.

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