Lucas James | Celebrity Personal Trainer 

Lucas James Celebrity Personal TrainerLucas James, Celebrity Personal Trainer is Arizona’s only accredited luxury healthy lifestyle company that focuses on fitness, nutrition and health. Lucas James is a “Five Star” rated celebrity personal trainer offering personal training Scottsdale AZ. Lucas James has been nationally recognized in the health and fitness industry and has had passion for fitness for the past 19 years.

As a client you’ll receive an array of luxury services that include one-on-one personal training with Lucas James to give you an experience that’s unparalleled to any other. While working with Lucas James you will receive a customized daily meal plan, weight training instruction, education on eating healthy, supplement recommendation, and guidance and motivation to reach your own personal goals for long-term success.

Lucas James believes that nutrition and meal planning are core factors for achieving life changing results and in all of his programs he includes nutritional analysis of your current eating habits, recommendations and substitutes for healthy meals, meal planning, and suggested daily vitamins and supplements.

Why Lucas James is the Best:

From Lucas: “My teaching methodology is adaptable and versatile to any type of personality, which can be hard to find in a fitness expert or personal trainer.  I think that it’s very important for my client and myself to have a relationship where we can communicate effectively, stay motivated and have fun doing it together. My outgoing personality and positive attitude allows me to keep my clients interested and enthusiastic about their progress, goals, workouts and most importantly their results.”

“Attention to detail is a characteristic that I take pride in and consistently follow through on a daily basis. When working with clients I’m very adamant about all the aspects of health and fitness, and not just the weights and workout side.”

The core factors that I concentrate on for all my fitness programs are:

– Nutrition/Daily Meals
– Heart Rate Monitoring
– Form
– Breathing
– Rest Time
– Sets & Reps

In every fitness program I teach and educate each client about these core factors so that when they’re done working with me they will be able to maintain and continue their program on their own.

One unique service that I include with every client is a bi-weekly packet that is comprehensive list and breakdown of the following:

– Pictures: Pictures are taken every 14 days and are compared to beginning pictures to see how a body transforms throughout the fitness program.

– Body Fat Testing: I use a skin fold caliper and pinch nine different areas on the body and calculate it with your weight, age, and height to determine the body fat percentage. Body fat percentage is show in the packet on plus

– Weigh-In: Every week each client will weigh-in on a scale for weight loss or gains. A graph report of the person’s weight change will be in the packet.

– Measurements: Tape measurements of various parts on the body will be included on the packet showing gains and loss in inches on the body.

Resting  Heart Rate: Rest heart rate level will be read by testing the resting pulse rate in a 60 seconds. Fat burning and weight loss heart rate levels are then formulated and shown in a detailed report.

– Cardio Activities: A list of various cardio activities are included for the client to do outside of his/her personal training

– Supplements: A list of supplements and vitamins are recommended based on the clients’ goals, body, and medical history.

– Daily Meals: A full detailed daily meal plan is made out giving the client three options for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. This list meal plan is made by substituting current food options and then is updated every 14 days create variety in the clients’ meals.

“I absolutely love what I do and I think that I have the most rewarding job on the planet. I get the opportunity everyday to help people transform their body and health into life changing results.Lucas James