Arm Exercises for Building Mass

Arm Exercises for Building MassWhen you have been working out regularly for a good amount of time, there is expected to be some results to where you get compliments and kudos.  If you have not been getting the kudos you expect, you ought to consider changing your workout up to some degree.  After all, one aspect of getting bigger is to feel better and this entails getting well received compliments from friends, family, and co-workers.

Adding bulk to your body can help add to your appearance and it will be noticeable.  You do not need to be bodybuilder size, but adding bulk can help with the look you desire.  Also, if you are a guy and want to add bulk to your frame, consider adding Olympic lifting to help increase the overall bulk.  While adding bulk seems easy, there is actually some skilled planning involved.  If you are wanting a little more from your workout, consider the following exercises to add hypertrophy in your muscles.  You will want to establish a one-rep maximum on as many of the following lifts as you can to help establish intensity and programming.  In addition, your progressions should occur every other week and you should progress with more weight.

Muscle Hypertrophy Arm Exercises

  • Your biceps are a major portion of the upper body and for most guys is a major appealing element in the overall look.  To increase muscle size, perform dumbbell preacher curls, barbell curls, “21’s”, and a cable curl [1].  Increasing your size of the muscle means you need to fatigue the muscle.  Start with 10 reps on your first set, 8 reps on your second, 6 reps on your third, and 4 reps on your fourth, with the fourth set being about 90 percent of your one-rep maximum.
  • Triceps. The triceps are the best compliment to a strong biceps area.  In order to grow your upper arm, you need to grow the triceps.  The triceps can be grown by using the same pyramid program as the biceps and you should be pressed at the end of each set.  Some exercises to grow the triceps include a cable triceps extension, skull crushers, dips, and overhead triceps extensions [3].  Make sure to keep good form; the elbow area needs to bend and straighten fully in order to see impeccable results.  While the dips are a body weight exercise, you can add more resistance by adding a weight belt and weight near the feet.
  • The program for shoulders should be similar as before, use the pyramid style and your fourth set should be about 90 percent of your maximum.  The first aspect in your shoulders for adding bulk should be weighted shoulder shrugs.  These will help add bulk on top of the shoulders and will help with other exercises.  Next, rear deltoid raises, lateral raises, and front will target every aspect of the shoulders; use the example here to set your body in a good form.
  • Chest. The chest is the area of the body which will show the most, especially for guys.  If you are not filling into your shirts, give yourself a good two to three months before you even consider a new shirt wardrobe.  Some hypertrophy exercises important for the pectoral muscles includes a standard bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, cable cross fly, and a standard fly using dumbbells.  Use the pyramid program listed prior in order to add hypertrophy and once per week aim to complete as many sets of two reps with 95 percent of your one rep maximum as possible.
  • Forearms. They are not the most noticed when comparing other areas of the upper body, but strong forearms equate to a high degree of functionality.  Aim to complete the deadlift, wrist curls, and wrist extensions to help add bulk in the forearm area.






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