Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With These Food Tracking Apps

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With These Food Tracking AppsHoliday parties and events are often overloaded with calorie-ridden foods and treats that can contribute to weight gain, so watching what you eat is especially important during this time of year. While diet alone is not the primary contributor to weight management, it is a crucial and major element that can make or break your program. Listed below are some food tracking apps that can help you monitor your daily food intake so you can avoid weight gain.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with these Popular Food Tracking Apps

  • The Withings Watch. This is not necessarily an app per se, but it uses a website and contains an app.  This stylish watch that tracks your steps and distance walked and allows you to log your food to track calories.  Check it out here.
  • Calorific.  The Caloric app is perfect for those who are looking for quick, easy nutritional tracking. It designates foods in three total categories (color coded with red, yellow, and green) and requires little time spent logging your food intake, making it perfect for someone that feels extreme food detail logging can get tedious.
  • The Eatery. The Eatery app is another spin on traditional food logging.  The premise of this app is to take a picture of your food or meal and then you post it to a social media platform, where individuals can give feedback on if the food is good for you to eat.  In addition, it comes with a yes/no question which states how healthy the food is for you.
  • Evernote.  This popular app has a similar design to The Eatery in which you take a picture of food.  You can log your meals by categorizing and tagging and if you’ve been rocking your diet this holiday season, you can share your nutrition log with your friends, family, and colleagues on social media.
  • Lose It! This may be one of the most popular apps for diet and nutrition tracking. It’s very easy to use and allows you to set bodyweight goals, scan barcodes, and create challenges. Check it out here.
  • MyFitnessPal.  If you are into fitness, you have probably heard of the MyFitnessPal app.  You can do virtually anything with this free app including monitoring your weight, height, BMI, activity level, workouts, and water consumption.  Sync this app with your fitness apps on your phone to streamline the process.
  • My Food Diary. This app is very similar to Lose It! and MyFitnessPal, but it is more scientific-based and also has a database of about 80,000 food and nutritional items.  Share your recipes, follow along with your daily reports, and create your own success story with graphs.

Tis the Season for Healthy Choices

During the holiday season, make it a choice to track you eat so you can understand what you are consuming in a time when food and desserts are all around.  And remember, do not skip food or meals so that you can later drink your allotted calories; it is much wiser to eat what your body needs and cut back on the alcohol.

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