How to Avoid Weight Gain During Vacation

How to Avoid Weight Gain During VacationLate summer is the perfect time to vacation.  Schools are back in session and the rates for travel and hotels are simply cheap.  What better time to head to the beach or to the tropics for some fun?  If you are like many of the smart adults out there and are taking advantage of this time of the year, then you are going to want to read on.

Vacations are definitely fun; I mean, who has a poor time when traveling to a fun destination?  One thing to be aware of on your vacation; however, is your body weight.  Just because vacation is here, this does not give you the thumbs up to avoid your healthy lifestyle and hard work from this entire year.  The fact is, weight gain on vacation occurs too often among adults and generally it happens so quickly, that the individual ends up gaining more than from when they started on a weight management program.

If you are on a weight management program, consider the following tips for your late summer vacation or trip to avoid losing all of your hard work this year.

Top Tips to Avoid Weight Gain On Vacation

  • Plan Exercise as Part of your Every Day Activities. We all know that it is hard to wake up early on vacation, but consider planning gym time at the free (or included in your price) hotel after you wake up and before your continental breakfast.  The great thing is that you do not need to kill your body on your workouts; keep them light and easy to help avoid muscle tightness and soreness for your trip.
  • Snack Throughout the Day. Some vacations include long drives or walking around through museums, forests, or other attractions.  Generally, individuals do not pack snacks, which mean they are starving come the next meal, which causes overeating.  Consider hitting the store and picking up healthy granola bars, celery, fruit, or vegetables to prevent starvation on your trip.  Come mealtime, you are likely to make a better choice.
  • Restaurant Doom. Avoid making those splurge meals on vacation.  If you are traveling with someone, consider ordering a meal and splitting the meal between the two of you.  Not only are you saving on the cost, but you are saving the calories you would be sucking down.
  • Move Around. If you have a three hour or longer flight, it is easy to become jet lagged.  Consider getting up and moving around the plane to keep the blood moving.  If you are on an international flight, consider doing squats near the lavatory area.  Anything to get your heart rate up higher than resting will benefit your energy burning processes in your body and it will help keep your body’s enzymes active so that your metabolism stays in tip-top shape on vacation.
  • Avoid Buffets. Las Vegas is the one that comes to mind when we think about a buffet.  If you encounter “free” food, take it easy.  Do not try to eat your money’s worth, as you will pay for it in other ways.  These large meals will have you feeling tired, sluggish, and your weight will just pile on in a hurry.  Also, try having seconds at the buffet if you actually eat at one.  Your first course should be a plate full of vegetables (steamed if possible).  Once you eat your vegetables, wait 10 minutes, then go back and get yourself your protein portion and small carbohydrate portion with some more veggies.
  • Choose Between a Drink and a Dessert. When you go out to eat, make a hard choice: a cocktail or a dessert.  Both have sugar and are a treat, but having both will be a bit much on your weight.  Make this choice early on and if you pick the cocktail, be careful not to add dessert if you get a little inebriated.
  • Travel destinations know what people want; they want to drink and have a good time.  While this is mighty tempting, be on extreme caution when drinking alcohol on vacation.  Alcohol slows your body’s processes and enzymes specific for energy consumption, which will slow your metabolism, cause fat gains, and cause you to be sluggish.  Drink in moderation.





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