Benefits of Group Personal Training

Benefits of Group Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to work towards exercise goals and lead a healthier life.  When working with a qualified personal trainer, you (the client) have a motivator, exercise professional, and an educated individual all in one.  One new trend in the personal training industry is working in a small or semi-private group for training.  A semi-private (2-3 clients per one trainer) or group (4-10 clients per one trainer) is a growing trend many use to help increase the effectiveness and motivation more than the typical one-on-one training.  If you are in search of personal training for the New Year, consider working in a small group or semi-private setting to help make the exercise more fun and affordable.  Listed below in this article are some benefits of semi-private and group personal training. One-on-one personal training

The Benefits of Group Personal Training

  • Pricing. It is no secret, working one-on-one with a trainer can be costly over the long term.  While some may choose to work with a trainer for a month or two at a time and take time for individual exercise, one-on-one can add up in the bank account.  As a result, trainers have been seeing more and more semi-private and group personal training.  Group personal training is a great way for the client to get close attention while paying a more affordable cost [1].  One benefit of paying a reduced cost for group personal training is a client can work with a trainer for a much longer duration in the year than if he or she was receiving one-on-one attention.  Moreover, the attention one receives in a small group is sufficient for any individual to safely exercise while only needing a small amount of guidance.
  • Receive a Reduced Amount of Attention from the Trainer. Wait, how is receiving less time from a trainer better for your exercise program?  If you are an individual who has been exercising for some time now and understand what good form is and how to maintain proper technique, then you may be perfect for group personal training.  Trainers often experience the “athletic” client who has worked with other trainers or who just has a natural ability to perform a proper squat.  When this happens, the client does not need too many adjustments, which could be considered a waste of time and money for some.  Enter group personal training into the equation with the “athletic” client and all of sudden both parties are equally happy and satisfied.  If a proper squat or lunge comes natural to you and you require only small modifications in your form for other exercises, consider group personal training session to help guide you.
  • Increased Motivation. One-on-one personal training is great for generating motivation to exercise, but some days there is no breaking that when working one-on-one.  One great benefit of group personal training is that there is at least one other individual in the training session with you.  When working in a small group of similar individuals, exercise motivation is typically increased since people tend to give more effort when working next to someone who is giving all the effort that he or she has [2].  Sometimes motivation can use a little help, which is why group personal training is a great option to consider.
  • Workout with a Friend. Exercising and being healthy with a friend has long been established a great motivational factor for exercise.  Many adults walk, jog, cycle, and stretch together, which can help increase the adherence to exercise.  A recent study on exercise adherence and friends found that friendships may increase motivation to exercise in a group and promote higher physical activity [3], suggesting group personal training as one of the best options for adhering to an exercise program.






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