The Best Fitness Gadgets to Maintain your 2015 Workout Goals

You have been pretty consistent with your workouts over the past few months and you are now looking to reward yourself with something fun and helpful at the same time.  Should you purchase a Fitbit?  Should you purchase an Apple smartwatch?  This depends on what you are looking to buy as your reward, but it is ideal to stick with a fitness-related reward since your reward was based on your fitness hard work.  Consider the following fitness gadgets below to help keep your motivation high and to help add excitement in being a part of new technology.

The Best Fitness Gadgets to Maintain your 2015 Workout GoalsThe 4 Best Fitness Gadgets of 2015

  • The Smart Pedal. This fitness gadget is for those who enjoy cycling in the outdoors.  One element of biking especially important is the approximate amount of calories burned during each session, which standard bikes do not have.  You would need a heart rate monitor with a strap in order to do this.  Now, the Smart Pedal does everything you want for your bike ride, or close to it.  Advertised to turn your bike into a smart bike, the Smart Pedal offers security with your bike (it alerts your phone if someone is attempting to steal your bike).  In addition to security, the Smart Pedal works with an application on your phone to record your speed, route, cycling incline/decline and calories burned.  If you have a smartphone and can use GPS, consider the Smart Pedal on your next bike ride around the city to track and secure your bike and health.
  • S+ Sleep Monitor. One aspect which affects fitness greatly is sleep.  Your quality of sleep not only will have you feeling refreshed, but it will allow your muscles to recover in a more efficient manner.  The S+ Sleep Monitor tracks your breathing and body movements during your sleep at night; analyzes ambient light, noise, and temperature in your room; creates a sleep score based off your particular sleep patterns; provides feedback on your sleep pattern; and conveniently works with your smartphone.  The size of this device is no bigger than the size of a smartphone and it rests on your nightstand or bed frame to monitor and track your sleep patterns.  If you are looking to move your fitness to the next level, consider tracking your sleep by rewarding yourself with this cool gadget.
  • Sensoria Smart Socks. One of the best gadgets for 2015 is a sock, yes a sock.  Runners spend a lot of time pressing and landing on each foot that most runner will agree that is has long been overdue to have technology in a cost-effective way.  The Sensoria smart sock has plentiful sensors within the sock that detect pressure.  The great technology with this piece of technology is that it feeds information to your smartphone regarding your foot stride and how you are landing on your foot.  This is something that can deplete energy from every runner so having efficient foot landings is important.  Consider this new piece of technology for the end of 2015 and make sure to preorder to splurge.  This may be a very cost-effective choice for your 2015 fitness program.
  • InBody Band. Discussing fitness gadgets would not be complete without an activity tracker.  This 2015 fitness gadget works similar to other popular brands of activity trackers, but this one has a few extra fun features that most people want.  The InBody Band offers body composition analysis, heart rate monitoring, and connects with your smart phone to maintain progress.  If you are wanting to reward your hard work this year, consider an activity tracker such as the InBody Band and track your body fat analysis over the months ahead.







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