Best Healthy Foods at Costco

Best Healthy Foods at CostcoHealthy eating is a lifelong endeavor which can be costly at times, depending on how healthy you are eating.  Healthy food could entail certified organic produce, lean cuts of meat, and low calorie options.  Depending on your lifestyle, this adds up when you shop at the local grocer.  In an attempt to lower costs of shopping healthier and eating healthier, consider Costco.

Costco is one of the biggest corporations in the United States and is known for supplying “everything.”  This large warehouse is notorious for offering bulk products for a reasonable price.  One downside to purchasing in bulk is that you may purchase something which would normally last you one or two weeks and you consume it much quicker.  This is one caution you should use when shopping at Costco; just because you load you cupboard and fridge, this is not an excuse to eat the food that much quicker.  Listed below are some true healthy foods one can acquire from Costco.  Remember that not all Costco stores carry exactly the same products so make sure to check each site before driving to the local Costco.

The Top Healthy Foods at Costco

  • Bulk Carrots. If you are into juicing or enjoy eating raw vegetables, you can purchase bulk whole carrots from the produce section at Costco.  A 10 pound bag of carrots can be found at Costco for cheaper than what Whole Foods offer (the same exact brand) [1].  Consider purchasing carrots the next run you make and make this your next source of snacking and juicing.
  • Egg Whites. A typical 32 ounce carton of 100% egg whites generally costs about $5.00 at the local grocer.  While this is a good deal considering it is derived from whole eggs, Costco sells them way cheaper.  You can purchase six cartons of egg whites (16 ounces each) for about $9.00 [2].  Those particular egg whites can be found by clicking here, but most importantly, you can start eating more egg whites and avoid the cholesterol hit in the mean time for a reasonable cost.
  • Frozen Berries. Any individual who eats healthy knows that fruit, especially berries, are pricey in Arizona.  This is why frozen berries have gained popularity here, the flash frozen fruit tastes good and it does not spoil when frozen.  One downside is that frozen fruit and berries are even more expensive.  With most frozen fruit costing about $5.00 per one pound bag, it is not something a budget-conscious family regularly buys.  At Costco, one can purchase a four pound bag of frozen berries (mixed berries) for about $14.00.  Pretty good deal right?  You got it, start eating your berries and load up on vitamin-C.  Many sources of frozen fruit contains more vitamins and minerals than what you buy “fresh” at the store because the flash freezing process freezes the fruit at a much younger age than what you buy at the store.  When the fruit is younger, there are more vitamins and minerals offered.
  • Olive Oil. The local grocers do a great job of offering olive oil, but they offer small quantities for a high price.  Why not try Costco for cold-pressed olive oil?  You will find a bulk bottle or even container of this oil for your future cooking.  Say hello to better cooking and improved cholesterol levels.
  • Lettuce. Lettuce is not generally expensive, but Costco does a great job of offering heads (plural) of romaine lettuce and other varieties in bulk for a great price.  In fact, lettuce may actually be the cheapest item you purchase at Costco.  Generally four heads per package, if you buy this, you are likely to be eating a lot of salad over the next week in order to prevent it from spoiling.  Your colon will be happy you made this decision.

Your Challenge

If you do not have a Costco membership, consider purchasing a year agreement with them ($55).  Go on your computer (or make a written journal) of healthy foods you purchase and compare the pricing.  How much would you save each month from buying in bulk at Costco?  Keep in mind that you can store foods in the freezer to preserve them much longer (egg whites can be frozen).  Lastly, be cautious of “healthy” foods that have added sugars, harmful processing agents, and additives.






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