How to Burn More Calories Walking

How to Burn More Calories Walking

How to increase calories burned while walking

Countless numbers of doctors recommend it. Scores of studies extol its benefits. Walking is an incredibly effective exercise. It’s also convenient & easily integrated into daily life. Here’s how to up the ante & turn a regular walk into a challenging workout to burn extra calories, lose weight, tone up and get fit.

Posture: Shoulders back & relaxed. Eyes looking forward & chin level. If you can’t achieve good posture, for long periods, get yourself a waist trainer to start.

Heart rate: Get your heart rate up to burn more calories. Try walking at a brisk pace – as if you were late.

Weight: Wear a weighted vest or a backpack. Avoid hand & ankle weights.

Arm swing: Bend elbows at a 90 degree angle & swing arms forwards & back.

Glute squeeze: Squeeze glutes together as you push off with your back foot to shape and firm your butt.

Hills: Hilly terrain tones your butt & hamstrings. It also greatly boosts your caloric burn.

Toe Push-Off: Strike the ground with your hell. Roll forward through the arch of your foot and push from you toes.

Walking poles: Nordic walking poles can increase calorie burning by almost 50%

Abs: Pull your stomach muscles in to tone abs and burn more calories

Lift Knees: Add Intervals: Knee lifts (bring knees towards chest) or soldier kicks (keep knees straight).

Long strides: Increase your stride length to target inner & outer thigh muscles.

Uneven Terrain: Walk on trails, grass, sand, gravel, snow or small rocks. This will make your muscles work harder.


Do it 1-minute intervals walking backwards. Move slowly on an even surface, clear of traffic & obstacles.

Add short intervals: Increase your speed (walk faster, jog or sprint). Walk hills or climb stairs for several minutes to boost your calorie burn.

Do 1-minute intervals of sideways shuffle. Left & right sides. Unusual movement is challenging & works muscles hard.

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