Celebrity Weight-Loss: How Rick Ross Lost Over 100 Pounds

How Rick Ross Lost Over 100 PoundsYou may have noticed over the past few months that well-known performing artist and rapper Rick Ross looks thinner than he did a year prior.  Over about three years ago, it was reported that Ross had two separate seizures in one day, which sent him in the hospital in high speed.  While seizures did not change the lifestyle of the 300 pound-plus rapper immediately, 2014 has been a different story.

Over the span of about seven months, Rick Ross has dropped over 100 pounds and owes his new lifestyle change as the primary reason.  His new lifestyle has included a blend of consuming a healthy diet from nutritious foods and a high-intensity exercise routine.  That’s it.  Now that he has dropped the pounds and feels great, he suggests there are a few “secrets” to which he credits his weight loss endeavor.  Listed below are some of his tips on getting started on a weight loss journey.

Tips by Rick Ross on Weight Loss

The following sections include some tips by Rick Ross for losing weight.

Cut the Soda Out

One of the most important aspects in his weight loss journey was cutting soda consumption.  This was reported to be the first item on Ross’ agenda when he wanted to change his lifestyle.  Soda is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup which is a sugar-like substance known to spike insulin release in the body and induce high-blood sugar.  Too much of this compound and your body is at a much higher risk of becoming obese with metabolic dysfunction at the very least.

Eat Heavier Meals

Ross credits his hunger control by consuming heavier meals earlier in the day rather than over-indulging late at dinner.  While this is not an excuse to eat more than you can for breakfast, it does provide insight on how to better manage feedings during the day.  Consuming a heavy dinner a couple hours before bed generally means the body is unable to burn off the energy, which most likely will all be stored as fat during the night when sleeping.


One of the most important compounds on Earth, water is something many health experts have been recommending more of in recent years.  Ross recommends drinking more water throughout the day as part of a weight loss plan.  His advice is sound, given water’s role in weight management.  Consuming sufficient amounts of water throughout the day can help keep a good balance in hormones such as ghrelin and leptin and will help keep the stomach from feeling empty.  When the stomach is empty for a prolonged time, there is more of a chance of over-consuming food when mealtime arises.

Have a Treat

The advice sounds misleading, but small rewards have been known to be a great motivator in weight loss.  Ross stated that he was able to reward himself recently with a treat in Miami consisting of Oreos and fried velvet cake, something many “dieters” stray from and consider a dieting 101 sin.  A little treat as a reward every now and then will keep the body happy and will allow the brain to feel like it has not let go of the treat altogether.


The diet portion of Ross’ weight loss journey is pretty sound.  While diet is a major aspect in weight management, exercise is the final and important piece.  Ross credits a good part of his weight loss on his exercise habits, owing to Crossfit workouts for his new look.  Stating the difficulty of the workouts, Ross considers Crossfit tough, but “well worth the journey.”  He has been performing Crossfit workouts now for over a year and this is one of the biggest ways, he states, on how his body was transformed [2].

While many fads are currently available today, Ross states he did not change his diet in any major ways.  Owing to small lifestyle changes, Ross was more than able to drop 100 pounds and has been enjoying life.  Moreover, a once proclaimed “couch-potato” is now performing some of the most intense forms of exercise currently known, which most certainly has been crucial in his weight loss.



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