Challenge Your Core Stability with These TRX Moves

Challenge Your Core Stability with These TRX Moves

Performing core stability exercises will help you build strength, balance and improved posture so that you can effectively perform exercises as well as daily activities. The TRX Suspension trainer is one of the most effective tools for core strength since it requires you to brace and stabilize with your abs, obliques and lower-back muscles. Listed below are some exercises that will help improve your core strength and stability.

The Top Exercises to Challenge the Core Using TRX

  • Side Planks. If you want to try something other than the traditional side plank, then you should try a side plank using the TRX.  When you use the TRX and lift your feet off the ground, your stabilizing muscles need to work hard to prevent your body from swaying front to back.  Hold your side plank for about 20 seconds on each side and try to strap both feet into the TRX handle if you can.
  • TRX Hamstring Curls. This exercise will work your hamstrings similar to using a stability ball, but more effectively.  You will lie flat on the floor and have the feet in the handles of the TRX.  Lift your glutes off the floor and begin a hamstring curl by bending your knees.  You task is to only move your legs, which means you need to work hard to remain stabilized.  Perform at least 10 reps and try one or two sets at first.
  • TRX Piking. These are essentially leg lifts using the TRX for assistance.  You will get in a push-up position and place the TRX with your feet.  Start with your body in a tall push-up position and then bend your hips so that your glutes fly up towards the ceiling.  Return back to your starting position slowly and controlled.  Check out an example of the form here, but you will need to keep your abs tight to help keep your stabilization in tact.
  • TRX Push-Ups. This is a full-body exercise with a strong emphasis on your core strength and stabilization.  Perform a standard push-up with your feet in the straps or hands in the straps if you’re looking for more of a challenge.  Lower in perfect push-up form and raise the body back up to where you started.  Go with max reps on these and go slow to get more benefit.
  • TRX Ab Crunch. This will definitely supplement your usual crunches and improve your core stability work.  To perform this exercise, you will lie down flat and grasp the handles of the TRX then perform a crunch as you would on the floor, but lower down slower than normal.  This is a great exercise for anyone new to using the TRX and core work or for anyone looking to change up their routine.
  • Oblique Rotations. Your core stability is highly dependent on your obliques. To perform this exercise, grab the TRX handles with both hands and keep your arms straight to start.  When ready, change your body positioning from your back foot to your front foot while using your obliques to rotate.  Lower your body down slowly and controlled.  You will want to start with fewer reps than normal and progress slowly to help prevent spinal and oblique injuries and aim for about two or three sets on each side.



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