Christina Aguilera: Celebrities with Weight Loss Success

Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss Success

Christina Aguilera’s weight loss is very impressive for the time she did it in. It explains why it is very inspiring to see a Hollywood star like Christina Aguilera flaunt her super slimmed down  figure after years of struggling with her weight. Nevertheless, it’s also intriguing how she managed to shed pounds and keep the weight gain at bay. Let’s find out how Christina Aguilera and other celebrities keep their body gorgeously beautiful.

To top my list is Christina Aguilera, who just had a drastic weight loss transformation. Thanks to the Fresh Diet program which made her lose 80 pounds. The Fresh Diet has been setting trends lately because of its effectiveness in promoting weight loss.
In addition to this, the foods included on the program are prepared by trained chefs and unquestionably deliciously tasting, which makes the meal plan more interesting. However, before you sign up to this program, make sure that you are ready to pay $60 dollars per day. True, it’s quite pricey but if you want to trim your waist and eliminate fat for good, I must say you got to give it a try.

Drew Barrymore
If you wonder how Drew regained her pre-baby figure back, it’s because of the Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Synder. To get the program you need to buy the “The Beauty Detox Foods book” which cost $13 as well as the “The Beauty Detox Solution” worth $12. What’s good about this weight-loss program is it promotes a natural way of losing weight without spending too much money on fancy weight-loss plans. Once you buy the book you will learn the right foods to complete your meal, which can help cut back pounds while making you healthier at the same time.

Victoria Beckham
Many stars, including Victoria Beckham love the alkaline diet. To start on this program you need to purchase the book “Eating the alkaline Way: Recipes for a Well-Balanced Honestly Healthy Lifestyle “for only $16 dollars. Inside the book, you will see different diet recipes, which include fruits and vegetables as the main ingredient. The concept of the program is to maintain the body’s pH balance between 7.35 and 7.45 in order to shed pounds.

Katy Perry
How many times have we envied Katy Perry’s jaw dropping figure? Probably, a hundred times or more. If you want to look just like the “Roar” singer you can try the M-Plan Diet. For 14 days, you will be eating a meal loaded with mushrooms .It would help melt the unwanted fats on your belly or thighs. Additionally, with this diet, you can still keep a womanly figure as well as retain the size of your assets. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for dieters who want to slim down a little.

Megan Fox
It’s the 5- factor diet by Harley Pasternak that keeps Megan Fox slim and sexy. The diet which is also patronized by other stars like Eva Mendes, Alicia Keys and Jessica Simpson. Their dieting ways promote the ever so simple healthy cooking and using no more than five ingredients and a strict exercise regime to induce weight loss, proving you don’t always have to be on some crazy or fad dieting program in order to achieve successful weight loss.

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