Customized Lifestyle Planning & Health Testing

At Lucas James Personal Training we focus on promoting healthy lifestyle planning through comprehensive fitness, nutrition and wellness programs.  Since there are multiple components involved in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to have ample medical and health history information to most accurately assess an individuals’ personal strengths, weaknesses and goals for fitness and health.Customized Lifestyle Planning & Health Testing

While a basic diet and fitness program can help you set general guidelines for proper nutrition and healthy physical activity, it is more beneficial to have in-depth medical history information, anthropometric data and even diagnostic testing to create a truly customized and effective training program.

Our programs focus on altering daily health behaviors by incorporating one-on-one personal training and nutrition consulting along with customized nutrition and exercise plans.  When creating our individualized programs there are a few health and medical diagnostic tests that will enable us to provide you with the most accurate and effective program for accomplishing your unique health and fitness goals.

For all our clients we determine: Body Fat Percentage, Total Body Weight, BMI and Body Weight Composition, Body Measurements, Blood Pressure Resting Heart Rate & Appropriate Heart Rate Exercise Zones, General Caloric Intake, Strength & Conditioning levels, and Flexibility – Range of Motion.

Each piece of data helps us to paint a more detailed picture of your current health status and in turn design a more comprehensive exercise and diet program that is safe, effective and easy to adhere to.  Much of this data will help us to create an effective personalized nutrition plan and determine what type of exercise, at what intensity level is most efficient for helping you burn fat and carbohydrates.

In addition to this data, specific health and medical information can help fine-tune your program to maximize overall efficacy and your fitness results.

Comprehensive Health Diagnostic Testing:

  • For Endurance Athletes & Individuals with Respiratory Problems:                                                                                            VO2Max Testing & Oxygen Saturation Tests can provide information about the maximum oxygen capacity of an individual and their ability to transport and use oxygen during varied exercise intensities. This ultimately reflects their level of physical fitness, which is related to the efficiency of one’s body.  Similarly, oxygen saturation tells us how well your blood cells are able to transport oxygen to your body tissues, and therefore your ability to fuel your body tissues with the necessary amount of oxygen to stay alive.
  • For Individuals with Cardiovascular Disease or Circulation Problems:                                                                                          Stress Tests and Full Lipid Profile | Cholesterol Testing (HDL, LDL , TC) can provide information about the heart’s ability to respond to external stress induced by exercise or drug stimulation. Cardiac stress tests compare coronary circulation at rest with circulation during maximum physical exertion. This ultimately helps identify any abnormal blood flow to the heart’s muscle tissue.  Lipid & Cholesterol testing is important for determining an individual’s risk factor for cardiovascular disease.  These measures include LDL (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, referred to as “bad” cholesterol), HDL (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, referred to as “good” cholesterol) Triglycerides (fat molecules from the foods we consume that are found in blood ).
  • For individuals pre-diabetic conditions or diabetes:                                                                                                                           Glucose testing and Insulin sensitivity testing can provide information on how well your body can use the sugar or carbohydrates you eat to fuel your muscle tissues and cells. Insulin resistance is a physiological condition that occurs with diabetes where the insulin hormone is less effective at lowering blood sugar levels due to a decrease in function or a decrease in insulin production. The resulting rise in blood glucose levels outside the normal range can cause adverse health effects.
  • With Competitive Athletes or Individuals with Compromised health:  A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) consisting of a panel of tests and gives your physician or team of healthcare professionals important information in regards to an individuals’ current kidney function, liver function, electrolyte and acid/base balance as well as of blood sugar and blood protein levels.  Each of these tests and biomarkers helps to provide a comprehensive evaluation of how well your body is functioning internally, in terms of metabolism and growth, and in response to any disease state.

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