Diet Soda and the Body

Diet Soda and the Body

Diet Soda and the Body

While diet soda may seem like a dieter’s dream – the lack of sugar, carbs and calories actually cause some adverse side effects.


Drinking 3 or more diet sodas per day increases your risk of tooth decay due to the extremely high acidity level.


drinking 4 or more cans of diet soda a day makes you 30% more likely to develop depression.


A study in 2012 found that guzzling down at least one diet soda a day increases heart attack risk by 43%.

Metabolic Syndrom

By drinking diet-soda daily, you are increasing your risk of metabolic syndrome by nearly 40%.


A recent study of 3,000 women found that drinking at leasy 2 diet sodas a day can DOUBLE the risk of kidney disease.


Each daily serving of diet soda increases your risk of obesity by 41%.


Soda cans and bottles typically contain the chemical BPA, which can alter your hormones and decrease your fertility.


Drinking at least 1 diet soda every day is associated with a 67% greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

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