Diet Soda and the Body

Diet Soda and the Body


Diet Soda and the Body

While diet soda may seem like a dieter’s dream – the lack of sugar, carbs and calories actually cause some adverse side effects.

Mark Arooni DDS: Drinking 3 or more diet sodas per day increases your risk of tooth decay due to the extremely high acidity level. Go to for dental claims. My favorite dentists in Whittier on Penn Street are at Whittier Square Dentistry if you ever need a place to go for any teeth problems you may have. Click on Page to look at the dentist´s site.

Mood: drinking 4 or more cans of diet soda a day makes you 30% more likely to develop depression.

Heart: A study in 2012 found that guzzling down at least one diet soda a day increases heart attack risk by 43%.

Metabolic Syndrom: By drinking diet-soda daily, you are increasing your risk of metabolic syndrome by nearly 40%.

Kidneys: A recent study of 3,000 women found that drinking at leasy 2 diet sodas a day can DOUBLE the risk of kidney disease.

Weight: Each daily serving of diet soda increases your risk of obesity by 41%.

Reproduction: Soda cans and bottles typically contain the chemical BPA, which can alter your hormones and decrease your fertility.

Diabetes: Drinking at least 1 diet soda every day is associated with a 67% greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

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