Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

Exercises to Improve Your Golf GameGolf season is in full swing and with the summer months ahead, that means the price of a round of golf is about to drop to affordable prices.  There are plentiful courses around the valley and this time of the year is ideal for getting outdoors and setting a tee time.  Before you venture out on your next round of golf, make sure to be ready for top competition, regardless of who is part of your foursome.  Listed in this article are some exercises on how to help improve your golf game and elevate it to the next level, regardless of your skill level.

Golf is a great sport and hobby.  It promotes social interaction and more importantly it promotes physical activity.  While golf is not known to induce hypertrophy in the muscles, it can help define particular parts of the body and if you train regularly for golf, your figure will definitely resemble the hard work.  One aspect of golf is power, which is evident in the swing from the tee box.  The following exercises should be performed in order to help induce power in your drive.  Challenge your workout routine to complete these exercises every other day to help elevate your game during the peak season of golf.

Best Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

  • Golf Squats. There is not much deviation from a typical squat, but a golf squat is directed specifically at the golf game.  Using a dumbbell or a medicine ball, lower down in a squat position and on your way up from the squat, twist over to the right with both arms extended in front of the body.  Repeat more reps by alternating sides and aim for three sets of 20 each side and adjust as necessary.  An example of this exercise can be found here.
  • Abdominal Crunch with Medicine Ball. Performing a standard crunch with the knees bent and feet off the ground with a medicine ball between the knees will work a crucial part of the core needed for the swinging motion.  Your goal for this exercise is to fully lift the shoulder blades from the ground or floor.  Start with three sets of 10-15 and progress with more reps and quicker movements.
  • Hip Crossover Exercises. This is more of a range of motion exercise, but it can definitely help the swinging motion and help loosen the spine.  Performing a hip crossover can help stretch the muscles in the lower half of the body and the tendons will get a good workout as well.  To simulate the swinging motion, follow this example here for the setup.  Start this exercise with three sets of 10 each direction and progress with faster, more controlled motions to help increase torque.
  • Russian Twist on a Stability Ball. This is another core working exercise to add strength, endurance, and most importantly power in your core area, specifically the obliques.  Your obliques are responsible for the twisting motion in the swing on your drive and it will help generate more force for the entire swing.  Follow these steps to start with and aim for three sets of 10 each side.  Progress with light weight by adding 3-5 pounds in each hand and perform the same motion.
  • Chest Fly. A secondary aspect in generating power in the golf swing is in the arms.  The arms, secondary to the core and hips, will help guide the swing and add more speed in the drive.  Looking at a picture of Tiger Woods, it is evident that having a well-defined and powerful (not large) upper half will assist in the long drives.  A chest fly will help you achieve the long drive status among your foursome.  Straight arms rotating across the body requires strong chest muscles.  Aim to complete power workout with a fly machine or stability ball by completing quick movements with more volume and less rest in between sets.  Your goal should be three sets of ten starting out and progress with more weight, reps, and quicker movements.



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