Fitness Circuit Training for Weight-Loss

When it comes to exercise, Scottsdale, Arizona based celebrity personal trainer Lucas James and nutrition expert Jason Apfel suggest working out smarter not harder.  In terms of maximizing the benefits of physical activity, both believe efficiency is key. Resistance training and aerobic exercise are beneficial for and essential to helping reduce body weight and improving one’s overall health.  Combining weight training, plyometrics and cardio within one routine as a circuit, is an excellent way to improve strength, endurance and flexibility, while helping to shed those extra pounds the quickest.Fitness Circuit Training for Weight-Loss

Fitness circuit training provides a quick and effective total body workout by combining multiple forms of fitness one.  It helps to train our body’s cardiovascular endurance, while enhancing into muscle performance and increasing strength at the same time.

Since our bodies adapt to physical activity, as well as in response to our diet, it is important to constantly change our workouts to confuse our muscles. With circuit training, the body must adapt to multiple types of exercise and physical stress.   A workout circuit is comprised of multiple exercises, each based on a specific set of repetitions or time-based intervals leaving little to no rest in between each different activity.  Each round of exercises is repeated 3-4 times, resulting in the same impact of resistance training in normal workouts, but at a higher intensity.  An ‘active rest period’ can be simulated within each circuit by incorporating  exercises that focus on isolating opposing muscle groups. With this approach to fitness clients can work towards varied health goals simultaneously in less time than with traditional workout programs.  This is accomplished by keeping an elevated heart rate throughout the workout because of the way the intervals, exercises, and rest periods are laid out.  Circuit training ultimately increases the number of calories burned per minute.

One recent study in the Brazilian Archives of Cardiology suggests that resistance exercise combined with aerobics helps to decrease the risk of metabolic disorders, reduce cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss.  Other American studies note that circuit training can help burn 30 percent more calories than tradition exercise.

Aside from the health benefits, circuit training is great to break up the exercise to the next, your mind doesn’t have time to wander or get bored.  More so, a circuit e monotony of lifting weights. By constantly moving from one that combines both cardio and strength exercises will help to sculpt muscle physique and tone your body.

A simple circuit workout can be done at home with little or no equipment at all. Try integrating squats, lunges, push-ups and crunches a minute of quick sprints, high-knees and mountain climbers in between each exercise.

If free weights, resistance bands or even a jump rope are available, you can incorporate simple resistance and cardio exercise that will aid in quicker weight-loss and strength building.


Try A simple Routine:

Exercise #1 
Squat Jump 10-15 repetitions

Exercise #2 
Standard Push-ups 8-12 repetitions

Exercise #3


Exercise #4 
Calf Raises on a step-up or raised ledge 15-25 repetitions

Exercise #5

Jumping Jacks 1 min.



Exercise #1 

Exercise #2 
Jump Rope

Exercise #3

Planks or Toe Touch Abdominal Crunches

Exercise #4 
Leap Frogs

Exercise #5

Switch Squats

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