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fitness trainer ScottsdaleMost of Lucas James’s clients initially come because they are completely frustrated with their weight, motivation, self-esteem, hate the way they look, and simply need help and guidance.  Given all of the new diets and medical breakthroughs in the health and fitness industries, it is extremely confusing trying to decide what fitness program to choose.

Lucas James will solve all of these problems for you.  As a professional fitness trainer in Scottsdale, he will customize your daily meal plans and fitness training program, basing your program on your specific goals, level of experience, and lifestyle.

Lucas can help you, but of course you must meet him half way in order to succeed.  If you commit to Lucas he will commit to you and make sure you become a winner! It does take work and effort to completely change your body.  Lucas is up front and honest with all of his clients and explains to them that it does take time and energy to change.  The fitness and health industry, infomercials and some personal trainers love to sell quick fixes that happen over night practically.  Most people just want the honest truth without the bells and whistles.  

Changing your body and your lifestyle does take time, dedication, and energy, but it’s doable and worth it as long as you commit yourself to the fitness program.  Lucas will be there every step of the way helping and guiding you so that you can reach your goal no matter how good your excuses are. If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change and transform your body please pick a fitness program and then call Lucas.

Weight Loss & Fat Loss Fitness Program

(Goal of Losing: 5-30 lbs & 5-15% BF)

Weight Loss & Fat Loss Fitness Program is designed for individuals looking to shed excess weight and body fat off their entire body. The program generally consists of  personal training three times a week that focuses on full body workouts. A customized daily meal schedule is included to start consistent healthy eating habits. Also included is supplement and vitamin recommendations. This program has an supplemental workout routine for the individual to do on their own when they’re not training with Lucas James. The  supplemental workout routine is a variation of different cardio exercises to improve results in weight and fat loss. Most clients lose 1-3 pounds a week and can see 2-5 inches off their waste in the first 30 days.

Extreme Weight Loss & Fat Loss Fitness Program

(Goal of Losing: 30-100lbs & 15-30% BF)

Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Loss Fitness program is catered to individuals who are considered highly overweight or obese.  The program is a step-by-step total body transformation that educates and demonstrates all aspects of working out, eating right, overcoming physical, mental and emotional obstacles to create a healthy living lifestyle. Lucas James works one-on-one with the individual on a daily basis for encouragement, self-discipline and accountability. Clients can see up to 2-5 pounds off a week and up to 10 inches or more of the waist line in a 30 day period.

– Fit and Toned Fitness Program

(Goal of Losing 10lbs or Less & 2-4% BF)

Fit and Toned Fitness Program is for women and men who currently workout on a regular basis, but would like to take the next stepto see better results. An evaluation and recommendation on current workout routine and eating habits are given. Also, a custom meal plan, private personal training, and recommendation of supplements and vitamins. Clients can see up to 1-2 pounds off a week and 1-2 percent body fat loss amonth. This fitness program is designed for people who consider themselves fit and healthy.

– Lean Muscle Mass Building Fitness Program

(Goal of Gaining 5-20lbs of Lean Muscle Mass)

Lean Muscle Mass Building Fitness Program is designed for men and women who are looking to gain weight or gain muscle mass.The program focuses on nutrition, daily meals, supplements, and learning how tolift weights to gain size. Included in the program is a daily custom meal plan,supplements recommendations, mass building weight lifting program. The average client can see a muscle gains of 1-3lbs a week.

Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Program

(Maintaining Toned & Healthy Body – Tweaking Workouts and Meal Plan)

Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Program is designed for individuals who already workout on a consistent basis and have above average knowledge in nutrition. The program works well with men and women who are looking for a trainer to keep them motivated, and experience  intense workouts and help tweak their currents eating habits.

– Celebrity Personal Training & Nutrition Planning

(The most comprehensive fitness and nutrition program in the country)

Lucas James designed the Celebrity Healthy Lifestyle Program as the most elaborate and exclusive fitness program in the country that is available to celebrities, politicians, athletes, doctors, and business executives.

Each client will work with Lucas James’ physicians and specialists, which include a nutritionist, dietitian, medical doctor, and a behavioral health psychologist.

In the program, each client will work one-on-one Lucas James has he will spend up to twenty days out of the month with the client. This program is proven to have superb results based on the client’s fitness and health goals.

The program caters to individuals who also travel frequently. Lucas James will travel with the client and personal train at (hotel, home, office) as well as manage all meals and snacks throughout the day. A client can expect Lucas to order his or her meals when dining out, at room service, happy hours, and parties.  Client’s may also receive a private chef that will either cook at a preferred location, or deliver meals. The private chef also has the availability to travel with client.

Fitness Programs by Fitness Trainer Scottsdale

Celebrity Healthy Lifestyle Program based on all of the following characteristics:

– Height
– Weight
– Age
– Sex
– Fitness and Nutrition Goals
– Blood Type
– Medications
– Injuries
– Pre-Existing Conditions
– Stress Level
– Sleep
– Flexibility
– Resting Heart
– Body Bone Structure
– Athletic Ability
– Eating Habits
– Lifestyle
– Travel Frequency
– Testosterone or Estrogen Levels

Pricing Per Month: $10,000- $20,000

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