Fitness Themed Halloween Costumes 2015

Fitness Themed Halloween Costumes 2015

Halloween is a fun time of the year where many kids flock to parties, the streets, and communities to do some trick-or-treating.  While the kids get the chance to dress up in their own costumes, it should not prevent you, the parent, from dressing up as well.  For this Halloween, consider going to your work party or neighborhood get together in a fun costume that tells a lot about you, maybe more than your peers may know about you.  At your Halloween 2015 party, show off your fun fitness side or even some of your body and hard work with a fitness themed costume this year.  Take a look at some of these ideas for your fun-filled trick-or-treating.

Fun Fitness Themed Halloween Costumes for Halloween 2015

  • Billy Blanks. You may know him as the instructor on your TV screen, but if you have the body to show off, take this time to get a unitard, headset, and sweat it out.  This would be appropriate for anyone who knows this celebrity, but it will also be one of the funnier ways to show off your body.
  • Richard Simmons. If you want to go above and beyond and you are a male with tone, lean legs, then grab a wig, striped shorts, a tank top, and talk with a very upbeat voice.  For those who remember Richard Simmons, they will get quite a laugh from this get up and you can show off your energy levels at this party.
  • Sports Lover’s Dream. If you ever played sports or if you watch sports, you know Wheaties cereal and athletes are on the cover all the time.  All you need to do is purchase the costume, stick your head in, and show off your athletic talents.
  • Sexy Referee (Women). Is the referee costume played out?  No it is not and besides, who doesn’t like a sexy woman of authority?  Wear this costume to show off your legs, glutes, arms, and all your hard work you have been working on this year at the gym.  Don’t forget to buy a fun whistle to complete the costume and be ready for guys yelling in your ear because of missed calls all night.
  • Prancercise.  If you have no clue what this is, watch the video here.  The key to making this costume work is to prance around as if you are working up a sweat.  Don some stockings, a headband, and demonstrate your ability to move in a fluent manner.  Ok, maybe not to that extent, but make sure to share the video before dressing like this at your party so that way you are not oddly looked at by your peers.
  • CrossFit, Bro. If you have big muscles, eat healthy (Paleo?), or can rock the kipping pull-up, consider going as the most cliché CrossFit person you can.  You will be recognized in your costume because many will strike up conversation as to if you are a CrossFitter.  Just be prepared to state that your “Fran” time is amazingly good, that way you will fit in while looking good.
  • Shaun T. This is a costume for the men.  Dress like your favorite “Insanity” host to show everyone that you are in just as great shape as Shaun T.  For this costume to work, you will need to have amazing shoulders, a good posture, and be able to talk with authority.  It wouldn’t hurt to have great toned abs as well.  Just make sure to pump it up when you reach your party and do not forget your headset.
  • Biggest Loser? This does not imply that you are a loser.  Consider getting your hands on a Biggest Loser tank top and go to your Halloween party as a contestant.  If you have lost weight recently, this would be a covert way to suggest that you lost weight and the conversation will be directed at your hard work and efforts.







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