Five Healthy Snacks for the Beach

Five Healthy Snacks for the BeachSnacking throughout the day is one of the best things an individual can do for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.  We have been trained to eat three meals per day and many still do this, but new evidence and research suggests that this may not be the best method for maintaining healthy blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day.  The frequent and time-efficient delivery of a snack can help keep your mood in good spirits and it can help you stay lean.  This is especially true on vacations when we are at risk for eating unhealthily.

Just because you are on vacation, this does not excuse your healthy lifestyle in which you have engrained into your daily routine.  Many individuals frequent the beach during the summer and why not?  Going to the beach generally means you spend an entire day in the sand and shoreline, playing, running, sun bathing, and relaxing.  Two things you need to consider when at the beach, however, are to drink water and to pack a snack.  Listed below are five healthy snack options for your next beach outing to help keep your blood sugar and energy levels flourishing.

Five Healthy Snacks for the Beach

  1. Roasted Edamame. This is a quick and easy option for those looking not to add abdominal bloat while on the beach.  Edamame is loaded with vitamin C (great for skin repair) and contains an abundance of protein and fiber per serving.  Sprinkle a drizzle (only a drizzle) of salt to flavor it and drink some water with the edamame.  For a delicious recipe, check out this recipe for roasted edamame here.
  2. Kale Chips. The perfect snack of choice for the past few decades was the potato chip.  Loaded with salty and flavorful spices, the potato chip was a favorite until healthier options became available.  Enter the kale chip.  Kale is a tasty collard green loaded with vitamin K (contains a factor to help your blood naturally clot) and vitamin C (for skin repair).  Kale chips are not challenging to make and when they are made ahead of time in a batch, you can package them into portioned bags.  The great thing about kale chips is that they are low in calories and will not add belly bloat while on the beach.  View this video to find out how to make this delicious snack for your beach outing.
  3. Celery or Carrots with Dip. Beaches in the summer are often hot.  A perfect snack is a cold, raw vegetable and celery and carrots are just that option.  When you hit the beach this summer for vacation, be sure to pack fresh celery sticks or carrots with your favorite low-fat and low-sodium dip.  If you want an even healthier option than this or if dip is not for you, then pack low-fat and low-sodium cottage cheese [3].  Regardless of your combination, you are sure to have a great beach snack that you can pack in your cooler.
  4. Fresh Fruit. Fruit is the go-to for all summer activities and they make great snacks, especially on the beach where the sun in blazing down from all angles.  Fruit is loaded with vitamin C (for skin repair) and it primarily consists of water (to help hydrate the body).  Pack fresh pineapple, coconut, mangoes, or grapes to replenish your body at the beach.
  5. Low-Fat String Cheese. Low-fat string cheese offers plentiful protein in few calories.  In addition, string cheese is a cold snack option for the beach to help cool the body down.  Pack a few sticks in your cooler and munch on one every few hours to keep your blood sugar levels happy.






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