The Full Body Kettlebell Workout

The Full Body Kettlebell WorkoutKettlebells are versatile and an extremely popular fitness tool used in gyms all over the world.  Designed with a simple bell-shaped handle with a globular weight beneath, the kettlebell is effective for improving overall strength and endurance throughout the body.  With a few exercises grouped together, a 30-munite workout using a kettlebell can induce muscular gains just as well as other pieces of gym equipment.  The following is your ultimate guide for using a kettlebell for a full body workout.

The Full Body Kettlebell Workout

No matter your fitness goals, a kettlebell ought to be a part of your equipment selection.  If you workout at home, especially, your workouts will be very efficient and time-effective.  Listed below is a workout designed to work your entire body using a kettlebell in a time-efficient manner.  The weight of the kettlebell you choose will vary depending on your goals, but aim for a moderately sized (in weight) kettlebell until you adjust and are comfortable using the kettlebell.  This workout will include exercises coupled together with minimal rest periods for efficient muscular conditioning.  Try to complete them in order as prescribed.

  1. Warm-up. This is not a coupled workout, but you will need to increase your heart rate and get your muscles warmed prior to this moderately-intense workout.  Start out with 50 jumping jacks, 10-15 push-ups, 20 deep squats, leg circles, and arm circles.
  2. Front Squats. Starting your workout with the legs will help increase the blood flow back to the heart and increase the overall energy you have.  Start out with one set of 10 kettlebell front squats as shown in the picture here.
  3. High Pulls. Perform this in quick movements upward for the most benefit.  As the second element in the coupled exercises, the high pull compliments the leg workout to work the shoulders and deltoids.  Start with a set of 12-15 and remember quick movements upwards for this.  When finished with the first set, complete two more sets of front squats and high pulls until three sets are complete.
  4. Two Handed Kettlebell Swing. This is a great exercise for working the quads, glutes, hamstrings, deltoids, and the lats.  Follow with the example provided here for great technique on the kettlebell swing and start with a set of 10-15 swings.
  5. Kettlebell Deadlift. After completing a set of swings, the deadlift will be the finishing exercise for your legs, back, and the entire body.  Start out with a set of 10 reps of the kettlebell deadlift and this video can give more details as to how a great lifting technique should look.  Once you have finished the first set, continue back to kettlebell swings and complete three sets of the coupled exercises.
  6. Chest fly. This will be a great exercise for the chest.  This exercise is performed the same way as a free-weight chest fly, but the difference is the kettlebell.  This exercise will give you a little more challenge than from the free-weight fly, but it will be worth it. Follow along with this video for proper technique of the fly and be cautious on the amount of weight you use.  Start out with a set of 10-12 reps.
  7. Sit-ups. Yes you can use a kettlebell for your abs and while the other exercises simultaneously work the abs during the exercises, the kettlebell sit-up will be the icing to the exercise cake.  Follow along here for more demonstration, but the kettlebell sit-up is virtually the same sit-up you have come to admire over the years.  Start with one set of 10-15 reps and once you finish, complete these and the chest fly for a total of three sets for the coupled exercises.
  8. Biceps Curls. Give the standard biceps curls a try using a kettlebell and compare the difference in difficulty between free-weights and a kettlebell.  Try one set of 10-12 to start.
  9. Single Arm Triceps Press Overhead. Complementing the biceps means working the triceps.  Start with two arms overhead and progress with one handed presses.  Start with 10-12 on the first set and complete more of the biceps curls and triceps overhead presses for a total of three sets with minimal rest between.








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