Why You Should Give The Lady In Your Life the Gift of Health

Why You Should Give The Lady In Your Life the Gift of HealthInstead of giving the woman in your life a material possession this year, why not give her a gift that is invaluable? The gift of health is not only a way to help her improve her physical and mental health, but it’s also a great way to strengthen your relationship. Listed below is everything you need to know about how to give your loved one with the gift of health.

The Benefits of Working With a Quality Personal Trainer

Gifting your loved ones with personal training sessions is a gift that keeps on giving.  A personal trainer is a professional who can help them safely and effectively exercise to meet their health and fitness goals. Listed below are just a few benefits of exercise, which are all great reasons as to why you should gift your loved one with a resource that will help them improve their quality of life:

  • Reduce blood pressure naturally
  • Lose body fat
  • Increase lean (muscular) mass
  • Improve self-worth
  • Increase strength and well-being
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • Improve cognition and learning
  • Reduce the risk of death from all causes
  • Prevent stroke

Lucas James, Celebrity Personal Trainer

A major part of giving the gift of health involves finding someone to help guide you to health.  Celebrity Trainer Lucas James is a huge advocate of a healthy and active lifestyle, and, as a nationally-renowned personal trainer, he is passionate about helping women reach health, fitness, and nutritional goals, which is why he continues to be a leader in personal training in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What does it take to be a leader in the fitness industry?  It helps to be nationally-recognized with a passion in health and fitness for 19 years.  Lucas James, LLC is a 5-star rated company which offers luxury one-on-one personal training that is atop the best.  While working with Lucas, you will receive daily meal planning guidance and instruction on how to safely and effectively lift weights, learn about healthy eating and recommendations on supplements you can safely use, and receive motivation that will help you reach the goals you desire!

Personal Training Programs

Lucas James offers private luxury personal training, mobile personal training, and in-home personal training options.  His women’s fitness training program is top-notch for those who are looking to effectively drop pounds without having to commit to a restrictive diet (yes, this means you will not feel starved!).  You will be part of a superior personal fitness program that will tone your body, slim the waist, and have you feeling the healthiest you’ve been.  To top this off, you will receive a meal plan that is guaranteed to shape eating habits that will transform your energy and health.  Giving a gift of health can be made possible with the best personal trainer around and working with a registered dietitian makes Lucas James Personal Training in Phoenix the best.

What is a Registered Dietitian?

In an age of DIY, we have seen the struggles people have had with losing weight and keeping it off.  Many lose weight, keep it off, gain it back, and start a yo-yo life cycle that harms health by increasing blood pressure as well as your risk of heart disease and stroke.  Working with a registered dietitian can help you monitor your dietary habits so that you can make the correct choices for your energy levels and your health.  In addition, a dietitian can prevent the yo-yo effect many experience when they attempt to lose weight without the help of a professional.

A Consultation is What you Need

Start out with a consultation with Lucas James and you or your gift recipient will be on the way to great health.  During the consultation, Lucas will measure body weight, body fat, and determine your specific needs in order to develop a fitness plan and program that will tone your body and get you in shape.

Schedule your Appointment

Just as you schedule your doctor’s appointment, schedule your fitness appointment.  Call Lucas James to set up a consultation for the ultimate gift of health.  Do you want to workout with your friend or family member?  Schedule a consultation for her, make a card, and wrap it for her to open on Christmas this year.  The perfect gift to give this season is the gift of health and your friends and family will be excited to receive an appointment already set up for them!

Call today to schedule a consultation: 602-400-8506

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, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Fitness & Nutrition Expert headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. He specializes in helping men and women achieve weight loss, muscle building, toning and other customized fitness & nutrition programs to create a Healthy Lifestyle. James offers private luxury personal training, 12-week custom workout plans, and personalized nutrition meal plans. Follow on Google+.

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