Going Green – Why You Should Eat Organic Food

Organic FoodCancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, closely trailing heart disease and more than quadrupling respiratory issues [1].  Cancer can range in a variety of locations in the body including lung, breast, cancer, prostate, and colon [2], making this disease one which affects many parts of the human body.  Some factors are still unknown as to how cancer is caused, but research has found some pressing results.  One of the most pressing results research has found is in our food, which over the past few decades has shown to be one of the biggest factors towards cancer and illness.  In fact, this is one reason as to why there are so many organic products on the shelves in local markets.  The rise in organic food availability has grown largely over the past few decades and while many have yet to switch to a full organic diet, there are still many who do not consume organic foods.  This article discusses some reasons why you should be eating organic and how it can be considered an investment towards your healthy future.

Why Organic Food is the Healthy Option

  • Antibiotics. Antibiotics are the drugs you typically receive from your local pharmacist in order to clear up an infection.  Sometimes, antibiotics are used in cattle and other animals to help prevent infection or even death.  As a result of the animal receiving antibiotics, the meat and dairy we consume most likely will contain traces of that antibiotic.  Why does this matter?  When you consume small traces of antibiotics regularly, not only are you consuming drugs which your body does not need, but it will make any future antibiotics you need to fight real infection incapable of doing its job.  In other words, you will either need an entirely different drug or much more to clear infections you may have.  Buying USDA 100% organic food will help ensure that you don’t consume harmful antibiotics or even hormones and will help in your future healthcare visits.
  • Pesticides. The use of pesticides is widely debated and for good reason.  Pesticides are chemicals used to rid crops and plants from harmful pests (insects) which can kill or eat the plant and reduce the crop yield.  As a result of these insects and pests, pesticides are used.  Using chemicals such as these are important for ensuring crop yield and they are beneficial for the safety of the plants on the.  One big downside is the link of pesticide use with cancer, the second leading cause of death in the U.S.  There has been a strong link between the use of pesticides and cancer now for over a decade and research continues to warn against consuming foods which use pesticides.  While research has only been able to find associations, the cancer link with pesticides is not causal as of yet.  Consuming 100% USDA organic produce protects against pesticides and ensures the safety against harmful pesticides.
  • Additives and Fillers. Additives and fillers are in most foods today.  While on your next grocery run, read labels of foods you purchase regularly to pin point the fillers and additives.  These products are generally used as a preservative, artificial sweetener, colorings and dyes, and agents to fortify ingredients [3].  While many of these products may sound and seem healthy, many have some link to cancer and other health conditions.  For example, many artificial sweeteners use sucralose and aspartame as a sugar substitute, which both have strong links to brain cancer, to help reduce the total number of calories in a food.  These sweeteners may be “low calorie”, but they also trick your mind into thinking you are consuming 600 times the sweetness factor of sugar, which means you crave sweets more often, which can lead to obesity.  Straying away from food additives and sweeteners can help reduce your link to certain cancers and obesity all at the same time (obesity is strongly linked and causal of cancer).
  • The Environment. The term going green applies directly to organic food processing.  USDA 100% certified organic means farmers are required to use practices which reduce environmental pollution.  This means the use of certain fertilizers, pesticides, and machinery are strongly monitored and prohibited, making organic the safest form of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.  Whenever possible, aim to purchase only USDA certified organic to help reduce the environmental impact from food.


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