The Guide to Eating Healthy Sweets on Thanksgiving

The Guide to Eating Healthy Sweets on Thanksgiving

Whether you are entertaining at home or visiting family and friends, it is very likely that you will encounter some sweet holiday desserts and foods over Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to try many of these once per year delicacies, but in moderation.  Following an entire year of hard work and healthy living, it would be devastating to lose it all in one glorious weekend.  Many individuals struggle with moderation during the Thanksgiving season, especially with the sweet desserts.  Fortunately there are great alternatives for the sweets consumption during Thanksgiving.  Listed in this article is a discussion on some treats and delicacies to eat in small amounts followed with a more reasonable and healthier option.

Five Healthier Thanksgiving Sweets 

  1. Pumpkin Pie. This is one the most old-fashioned and staple desserts for the Thanksgiving holiday.  For an easy to make dessert, the pumpkin pie is something everyone ought to enjoy over the season, in moderation.  One way to make this recipe healthier and calorically friendly, consider preparing your own pie crust and pie filling, making sure to limit the amount of added white sugar to the recipe.  To limit the amount of sugar in the recipe, consider using Splenda or other sweeteners.  For an alternative twist on pie making, consider this pear recipe.
  2. Custard treats. Custard typically is a fattening treat which can stack on the calories in a hurry.  Considering that Thanksgiving means pumpkins and gourds are in season, why not make the best of this time of the year.  While skimping on any custard treats, consider a pumpkin custard treat used with non-fat evaporated milk as a substitute
  3. Traditional pumpkin pie should not be dismissed on Thanksgiving, but this traditional recipe includes fattening ingredients and tablespoons upon tablespoons of sugar. If sugar substitutes are not in your pantry, consider this twist on the traditional pumpkin pie.  The pumpkin pie pudding prepared with non-fat milk and sugar free pudding is a great start.  When canned or even whole pumpkin is added to the mix, you are left with a nutritious and light dessert leaving you satisfied and feeling as if it was Thanksgiving.
  4. Candied Yams. This is one portion of the big meal which gets many in trouble.  Yams are typically loaded in calories, but they are extremely nutritious.  Packed with plentiful potassium, fiber, and vitamin A, yams are a nutritious choice during your meal.  If candied yams are served on the dinner table this year, try to have them in moderation, meaning no more than a spoonful.  The marshmallows and other tasty ingredients added negate the nutritious aspect of the yams, making them a metabolic nightmare.  Instead of candied yams, try having a baked sweet potato with a drizzle of vegetable oil rather than butter for flavoring.  The added oil will help slow the digestion process and will help prevent a sugar spike.
  5. Beer, wine, or egg nog. It is ok to consume alcohol during the Thanksgiving meal.  In fact, a little alcohol is recommended.  The problem is maintaining moderation with alcohol with family and friends around.  One glass of wine followed by two bottles of beer and a glass of egg nog can quickly add on the calories, not to mention cause other nightmares.  If you happen to partake in holiday spirits, it is likely that you will over consume on food throughout the day, losing any ability to regulate hunger and appetite.  In addition, alcohol helps speed the process of fat storage in the body, which wreaks havoc on body composition.

If the Thanksgiving season has been a weight management nightmare in the past for you, make this year your year to stay on top of your health goals.  While it is ok to enjoy what is served, be aware of what to avoid and what to have in moderation during this time.  If you are cooking this year, try to use sugar substitutes and healthier options from scratch.  In addition, avoid over-indulging in alcohol and spirits, which are known to lower inhibition and prevent the regulation of hunger and appetite.  Exuding some restraint will go a long way in your goals and will help prevent the extra pounds from creeping on at the end of the year.



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