A Guide to Healthy Convenience Foods – Infographic

Take a look at this guide to help you choose healthy convenience foods for on-the-go or a busy lifestyle. This fitness and nutrition infographic has all the high-protein snacks to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

A Guide to Healthy Convenience Foods


Healthy Snacks Infographic

Here are the healthiest grab-n-go snacks & drinks that we recommend. While many of these items can be found at convenience stores, consider stocking up on these items and grabbing a few when you leave the house so you have them on hand when hunger strikes at an inconvenient time.


Quest Nutrition: Calories 190/ Fat 8g / Carbs 21g / Protein 21g

Promax: Calories 270/ Fat 4.5g / Carbs 40g / Protein 20g

Kind: Calories 200/ Fat 13g / Carbs 17g / Protein 6g

PowerCrunch: Calories 205/ Fat 13g / Carbs 10g / Protein 13g


Honest Tea:  Just Green Tea, Just Black Tea and Unsweet Lemon Tean

Go green: Look for unsweetened teas that are USDA Organic, such as Honest Tea


Oh Yeah: Calories 220/ Fat 9g / Carbs 6g / Protein 32g

Isopure: Calories 220/ Fat 9g / Carbs 6g / Protein 32g

Pure Protein: Calories 220/ Fat 9g / Carbs 6g / Protein 32g


Nuts & Trail Mix:

Bear Naked, Organic Trail Mix

Emerald’s Natural Walnut & Almond Mix

Raw, Unsalted Almonds

DON’T BE FOOLED: Most trail mixes at convenience stores are packed with added sugar and salt. If possible, choose one that contains only raw/natural fruits and nuts.

Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerky


Greek Yogurt

Chobani, Oikos or Fage — Plain, Non-fat


Paired with veggies

Fast Food Healthy Choices

The fear of drive-thrus and fast food restaurants has been drilled into most of us, but sometimes there’s no avoiding a meal out at a less-than-healthy establishment. Here are some of the healthiest fast-food options and a few tips for smart ordering.


Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich

Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken

Taco Bell

Fresco Chicken Soft Taco

Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco


Burrito Bowl: Chicken, brown rice, veggies and salsa

Salad: Lettuce, chicken, black beans, veggies, salsa


6″ Turkey Sandwich (Wheat bread & veggies only)

Double Chicken Salad (with fat-free italian dressing)

Wild Flower Bread Company

Wildflower Chicken Salad (with fat-free serrano dressing)

Emerald Salad with Chicken (with honey yogurt dressing)


Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Chicken & Hummus Bistro Box


Ask for your dressing on the side so you can control the portions.

Avoid creamy dressings/sauces; Opt for vinaigrettes instead.

If your salad is loaded with veggies and toppings, try it without dressing.

If you really want to cut back on fat & calories, use mustard and vinegar-based hot sauces as your dressing.

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