Healthy Alcoholic Drinks for Summer Fun

Healthy Alcoholic Drinks for Summer FunAlcohol is a social commodity; you see it at virtually every restaurant, sporting event, and party.  Not only is alcohol known for being the “ice breaker liquid,” but some alcoholic drinks are very tasty, especially frozen or cold beverages in the summer season.  One pitfall to drinking alcohol is the excess calories which come from the drinks.  Alcohol contains seven calories per gram and the consumption of alcohol generally permits the slowing of fat breakdown in the body, which encourages abdominal storage of fat.

While alcoholic beverages are a downer on the waist line, this does not mean you have to avoid it 100 percent.  In fact, the International Center for Alcoholic Policies suggests that for overall health, men should have one to two drinks daily (which is about one half to one ounce of alcohol or one to two beers or glasses of wine) and women should have one drink daily [1].  While this does not mean you are now enabled to have wild parties every day, it does suggest that you can have fun in moderation, and now moderation is defined.  Now that we are in summer time, consider drinking and having a good time while exuding moderation.  Listed below are some healthy alcoholic beverage options for your summer time fun.

Healthy Alcoholic Drinks for Summer Fun

  • Rocket’s Red Glare. What makes this a healthy drink?  First it contains about 95 calories per serving and second there is no added sugar.  Many tasty summer drinks are loaded with unnecessary added-sugar and they quickly add up around the waist line.
  • 1776 Sipper. This one is especially healthy.  Mixing TY KU Soju and green or black tea is a combination which yields about 115 calories per standard serving.  If tea is something you enjoy, give this a try for your 4th of July party.
  • Skinny Margarita. They are virtually everywhere, but the good thing about the Skinny Margarita is that it takes the added sugar away and leaves it as a bare essential great drink.  Serve this at your barbeque this summer and enjoy it around the pool blended with ice.
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit Cocktail. This drink looks like a summer drink.  With gin, Campari, grapefruit juice, and seltzer water, this cocktail only has 121 calories per standard serving and there is no added sugar.
  • Cucumber Melon White Sangria. It wouldn’t be summer without sangria.  This drink combines wine, vermouth, honey dew melons, cucumbers, basil, seltzer, and ice.  Loaded with only 146 calories per serving, you can serve these with some ceviche and have a great time hosting your friends.
  • Vodka and Soda. This is probably one of the basics when it comes to making a drink, but it is very forgiving on your healthy lifestyle program.  The only two ingredients include soda water or seltzer and the vodka of your choice.  Add in ice to make this on the rocks around the pool.
  • Tom Collins. This is a classic drink containing lemon juice, gin, sugar, club soda, and a cherry [6].  Skip on the sugar for this drink or cut back and you have a great option.  Use freshly squeezed lemons to help make the drink as natural and healthy as can be.

Summer Challenge

Just because summer is here, you should not skip out on your healthy lifestyle.  Don’t skip out on having fun by avoiding drinking, rather enjoy your alcohol in moderation and be aware that sugar is in everything, including many of your tasty drinks.  For this summer, challenge yourself to consume healthy alcoholic drinks that do not have any added sugars or thick liquors.  In addition, be aware that a typical beer has at least 125-150 calories per 12 ounces, so if you drink a 6 pack on Saturday around the pool, you just drank at least 750 calories of liquid.








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