Healthy Back to School Habits

Back to school healthy habits
Summer is over and another school year will start soon. You may have the school essentials ready, but have you prepared your child to go back to school? Here are some healthy back to school habits to help you get your child off to a healthy start this school year.


Encourage your child to be active at school

Physical activity is essentially good for health and well-being, and this applies to children as well. Encouraging your child to be active at school is extremely important as it may help them to stay fit and academically alert. It is well known that children that are regularly physically active, perform better academically in school. In a meta analysis study published in 2012, researchers showed there was a positive relationship between physical activity levels and children’s academic performance. (1)

You can motivate your kid by helping them find the activities that they enjoy doing. For example, if your child likes playing outdoors, you can encourage them to join sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer or any activities that can be played in the field.  In addition to this, you can make your child become more interested in physical activities by showing your support and giving positive reinforcement.

Incorporate physical activity into school

Aside from letting them join sports and dance recitals. You can make sure that they are getting enough exercise by incorporating physical activities when they go to school. If your kid’s school is only a few blocks away, you can walk them to school every day instead of traveling by car. You may also want to consider allowing your child to ride a bike to school if they are old enough to do so safely.


Prepare a healthy lunch box

A healthy lunch box is equally as important as regular physical activity for your child. Children need energy throughout their school day to help them concentrate and perform their best. Fresh fruit and vegetables should always have a spot in your child’s lunch box. Prepare chopped fruits and vegetables, as children are more likely to eat it if it is easy to eat and colorful. Vary the types of fruits and vegetables with seasonal changes so as to maintain interest. Try adding leftover vegetables such as pumpkin or sweet potato to sandwiches or wraps as a way to increase your child’s vegetable intake or pack some of these healthy treats in their lunch.

Children also like to have choices when it comes to food. Try to offer several choices in the their lunch each day, as they will be more likely to eat more. It is also beneficial to encourage your child to help choose and prepare their lunch as this too is an effect means to ensure they will eat their lunch. As there is limited time to eat during the school day, children may prefer to play with their friends over eating their lunch. Encourage your children to eat before playing and if all else fails, talk to their school teacher about about making sure they get eat enough before going to play.

1) Singh A, Uijtdewilligen L, Twisk J, van Mechelen W, Chinapaw M. Physical activity and performance at school: A systematic review of the literature including a methodological quality assessment. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2012;166(1):49-55.


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