Healthy Events Happening in Phoenix in February

Healthy Events Happening in Phoenix

If Phoenix personal training has been something that you have been utilizing this year, then you will want to make sure to supplement your training sessions with the many healthy activities that our city has to offer.  Here are some fun activities and healthy events taking place in the Phoenix area in the month of February that you should check out.

Top Healthy Events in Phoenix this February

  • Attend a Trigger Point Therapy Class. This free Saturday morning class discusses trigger points and how they relate to your physical and mental health.  In addition, you will learn self-massage techniques to release trigger points from your body and musculature.  This is a great way to learn how to maintain wellness in your body without having to splurge for a massage with a massage therapist, you can find plenty of tips at
  • Attend an Essential Oils Seminar. There are a number of healthy uses for essential oils that are many people are not aware of.  This class will teach you how to use the oils, what they are used for, and their many health benefits.
  • Hike Camelback Mountain. Hiking is a great activity to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle and every Phoenix personal training program can incorporate this as a supplement for weight loss and cardio training.  Phoenix is the perfect place for scenic and challenging hikes, and I would recommend conquering Camelback Mountain or trying out any of these great trails in the area.
  • Go for a Walk with the Family. Virtually every neighborhood located in Arizona has a park, lake, or walking trail that is suitable for the family.  Even if you take part in Phoenix personal training programs, a walk in the park with the family is great for both social and physical health. Take a long your fishing pole, family dog, and some fun music to make a day out of it.  You can grill healthy turkey burgers by the lake or even host a fruit cocktail event under the nearest ramada.
  • Golf the Biltmore. Well, this is not necessarily an event, but you can make it one by gathering your friends and family in a day-long outing in the beautiful weather at the Biltmore Golf Course.  This beautiful course is a Phoenix classic and it is located in the center of Phoenix, making it accessible to virtually anyone in any city.  Even if you are not into golf, you can have a good time at this course.  The point is to schedule a tee time with those you enjoy and spend some time outdoors, doing healthy activities.

Have Fun

February is a great time in Phoenix.  While the majority of the nation is covered in snow, Phoenix is covered with blue skies and mid-70s temperatures. Take the month of February to get outside and enjoy what the city has to offer in a healthy way by following along with any of the above ideas.  While these are just a wide range of ideas, consider your interests and find something that works for you and your family.




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