Healthy Kid-Friendly Breakfasts

Healthy Kid-Friendly BreakfastsHealthy Kid-Friendly Breakfasts: Childhood obesity is a recent trend affecting millions of children in the United States.  While physical activity levels and screen time (computer, video games, and TV) are partially to blame, diet and lifestyle are major factors.  Many children today are sleeping less, stressing more, and consuming more sugary drinks than ever before.  Why is this trend becoming such an issue?  TV and sugary drinks were around 50 years ago.  Is it partially lifestyle or habits to blame?  Regardless finger pointing, the need now is to get children eating healthier and it all starts with breakfast.

Many children, and adults, skip breakfast partially as a means to save on calories and as a result of rushing in the early morning hours before school.  When breakfast is skipped however, you place yourself at risk of overeating throughout the day.  As ironic as it is, skipping breakfast will have you feeling sluggish and can have you compensating at lunch, dinner, and snacks.  In order to keep your child, and you, healthy, consider the following healthy breakfast ideas.

Healthy Kid-Friendly Breakfasts

Listed below is a list of breakfast options for your children that they are definitely going to enjoy.  All of the listed options are nutrient dense so you know your kids are getting adequate nutrition to help fuel the day.

  • Eggs and Toast. If time is a major factor for the kids before school, consider waking them a few minutes earlier and making a traditional breakfast such as eggs and toast.  Whole eggs or egg whites are a great start for the day, loaded with essential protein for the muscles and the toast will feed and fuel the brain with sugar and carbs.  Both take only a total of about five minutes to make and all you need is a toaster and a fry pan.  To save even more time, consider microwaving the eggs (they take about 28 seconds to fully cook in the microwave) and using a toaster for your toast.  Total time equals about one minute and 30 seconds.
  • Banana Dog. A banana dog sounds like a fun option for breakfast and it is simple to make.  A banana dog consists of peanut butter, banana, raisins, and a whole grain bun [1].  Be careful on how much peanut butter you add to the banana dog because it is loaded with fat calories and many of those fat calories are from saturated fats.
  • Breakfast Tacos. Living in the southwest, we are lucky to have fresh ingredients for a good Mexican food meal.  For breakfast, you can make breakfast tacos consisting of cheese, tortillas, beans, and eggs.  Prepare the tacos ahead of time and freeze them until it is time to eat.  Microwave the tacos for a few minutes or until warm and enjoy.  This is a healthy breakfast option for the children who are strapped on time before school.
  • Banana Smoothie. Be cautious on smoothies because the mind enjoys the mechanical chewing process, meaning drinking your calories may not have you feeling satiated completely.  A banana smoothie however, is one of the best smoothie options your kid can have.  The banana smoothie consists of fat free milk, ice, honey (be cautious with how much is added), nutmeg, large banana, and Greek yogurt [2].  For the whole recipe, click here.  You can make this smoothie for you and the kids and you could even add vanilla or banana protein whey protein to your smoothie.
  • Yogurt and Oats. Oats are a great breakfast option for adults and kids.  Oats are packed with fiber and whole wheat, meaning your blood sugar will not spike and you will feel full much quicker.  Consider whole oats for your kids to make this a good start.  In addition, add some flavored Greek yogurt such as Fage brand to the oats for a great source of protein.  Make sure to get flavored yogurt with berries so they enjoy the meal.  You can prepare the oats and yogurt ahead of time and refrigerate for a few days and eat when ready.






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