Healthy Outdoor Activities You Should Do in Phoenix This Winter

Healthy Outdoor Activities You Should Do in Phoenix

Are you in Phoenix, AZ and are looking for some fun outdoor activities to improve your fitness training this winter season?  Since Phoenix is generally known for being a hot-climate metropolitan area, the winter season is actually one of the best times to enjoy this popular area.  With the New Year upon us and everybody back into the swing of work and school, it is a great time to make the resolutions stick by staying outdoors and making fitness fun.  Listed below are some healthy and great outdoor activities you can enjoy in Phoenix this winter season.  Which one will you try?

Healthy Outdoor Activities in Phoenix for Everyone to Enjoy

  • Play Tag Football. You are never too old to play a fun game of football.  Pick up a game on Sunday with your friends and make it a scheduled routine until late spring.
  • Fishing.  This activity doesn’t require much physical activity, but it is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the outdoors.  The relaxing calm that comes with spending time by the water and listening to nature will melt away your stress in a hurry.  There are tons of man-made lakes in Phoenix and many offer year-round fishing.
  • Hiking.  Phoenix, AZ is one of the best-ranked cities in America and there is a reason.  The Sonoran desert landscape in a large part of Arizona makes the scenery prime for hiking.  Check out Deem Hills in the norther part, Tom’s Thumb near Scottsdale, Papago Park in central Phoenix, or Pinnacle Peak if you are looking for a great time.
  • Golf.  After spending the morning hiking, you can always relax on the golf course with your friends and enjoy the course.  Phoenix, AZ is notorious for great golf courses, which is why the TPC is played here every year.  Consider Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Gold Club, or Sunridge Canyon Golf Club if you are looking for an excellent time playing a round.
  • Bike Riding. Arizona has a good amount of biking clubs and biking-friendly communities.  The winter season is perfect for improving your fitness on a bike and pedaling around town.  Pack a lunch in a backpack and make it a day out on the trails.  Consider the Sonoran Desert Preserve or the Phoenix Desert Preserve to make this happen if you enjoy biking on a trail.
  • Dog Walking. What better way to get outdoors than to go on a walk with your furry best friend?  This is something you can do every day and you can spend a lot of time outdoors on the weekend going on a long walk.
  • Visit a Dog Park. This is a two-parter from the above choice.  Take your dog to a dog park and play outdoors for a few hours.  Many parks around Phoenix are pet-friendly with walking paths and places for dogs to have fun (and humans).
  • Participate in a Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, or 5K Race. It seems that there is some kind of running event every weekend in the winter in Arizona.  There is no better place in the U.S. where you can wear shorts in the winter season and not freeze (ok maybe in Hawaii)!  Take this time to take your fitness to the next level by joining a competitive racing event.  Some offer hot chocolate, fun paint, and special causes to help increase your motivation.  Even more, running in an event is a great way to be outdoors and enjoy the festivities after the event (many races have live music, parties, games, and sponsored events).

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