How To Be a Fit Mom

How To Be a Fit Mom

Keeping a busy schedule is something every mom can attest to.  Between shuffling school, extra-curricular events, and driving to appointments, being a mom is entails jamming activities in a small timeframe every day.  While a busy schedule can be challenging, it should not prevent a regular visit to the gym or outdoors for physical activity.

Staying fit or getting fit is beyond looks.  Regular exercise and physical activity is training the body to perform at higher levels so that every day activities become easier.  This is one reason why maintaining a regular exercise routine is crucial.  An additional benefit from being active is that the body maintains a higher level of energy throughout the day, which could prevent the afternoon stop at Starbucks for a caffeine break.  Listed in this article are some tips on how to become a fit mom.  If you are already a fit mom, consider this your guide to maintaining a high level of fitness for the rest of your life.

Tips on How to be a Fit Mom

  • Routine. Most moms understand what the term routine means.  Make exercise a part of your daily routine.  Even when you are tired, sore, angry, or happy, make sure to get in some exercise to keep the momentum continuing.
  • Breastfeed. If you are a recent mom, congratulations.  Now that you have a new addition in the family, you should really consider breastfeeding.  The amount of energy involved in the breastfeeding process is incredible.  Generating milk will shred endless amounts of calories and the uterus tends to shrink during this process [1], which further helps reduce the size in the mid-section.
  • Use Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle a Major Aspect of your Parenting Style. Every parent has a style.  Each style may vary from each individual.  One way to become a fit mom is to make fitness your life.  Your parenting style should be fitness conducive.  Your children should become a part of it.  Your husband should support your decisions.  All of these aspects affect the parenting style and when this happens, it is like you have a small network of support all over to assist with fitness.  In addition, your kids may observe this behavior and learn that fitness is something adults do to stay healthy.  Try exercising when your kids are at the park, jump rope with them, play on the jungle gym, or exercise while they are playing [2].
  • Drink Water. Drinking water not only is calorie-free, but it will play a major role in your daily energy levels.  Dehydration is one of the biggest factors to mid-afternoon fatigue and if you feel thirsty, it is best to drink water [3].
  • Go to the Gym. This may seem pretty obvious to some, but going to the gym is a crucial element for staying and getting fit.  Many gyms now offer daycare while the parent is exercising, which makes family workouts more reasonable.  If you have put off your exercise routine because no one can watch little junior at home, consider discussing daycare options at your gym.  Many of these daycares offer child-safe exercises and activities to get their bodies moving.
  • Exercise at Home. DVDs are still around, but there is a plethora of exercise videos offered online and for streaming to help increase activity for the mom population.  Try renting or purchasing a video to help motivate the body for more activity.
  • Hire a Personal Trainer. Personal training is something which may require a gym or physical location, but one popular trend in the personal training industry is having the trainer come to your home.  Becoming a fit mom can happen in the comfort of your own home and the trainer comes with equipment and a motivational spirit to get you burning energy.  Inquire in your area to find a trainer who will offer in-home programs.








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