How to Lose Belly Fat Fast in Arizona

In many Scottsdale fitness gyms, this is the one question that I come across the most: How can I lose weight fast or get rid of belly fat fast?

Well I am here to tell you once and for all, there is no such thing as spot reduction. In order to have a slimmer tummy, you will have to work out the rest of the body as well. It takes more than crunches to get to the six pack abs of your dreams. This means adding aerobics and cardio to your daily activities along with a more streamlined diet.

It is perfectly alright to be concerned about belly fat as it is the most dangerous type of fat. Not only does it completely wreck a person’s sense of aesthetics but also leads to all sorts of debilitating diseases. I am Lucas James, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and here is my take on how to reduce belly fat, the right way.

Don’t Stress Anything

Even if you aren’t overweight per say, chances are that you will have excessive abdominal fat if you live or work in a high stress environment. When we start to put on weight at our midsections it can be because our Cortisol levels are experiencing a severe hike. Cortisol is secreted when our bodies are experiencing high levels of stress. This hormone breaks down lean muscle and compels the body to hold on tight to the fat stored in the abdominal area. Studies have shown that yo-yo dieting can also put the body under a lot of stress. And this is why your body absolutely refuses to lose its fat reserves no matter how badly you are starving off yourself.

So learning how to deal with stress is an important part of losing belly fat. In fact, stress is a cause of abdominal fat in both men and women with men suffering a lot more than women. Yup, beer guts aren’t just because of beer!

Healthy Meals Are Important

Eating a healthy diet is half the battle won when it comes to belly fat. Instead of consuming empty calories in fast food and sodas, get your energy fix from vegetables, whole grains and protein rich foods. According to researchers, diets that were rich in protein and had a high dairy content lead directly to more abdominal fat loss as well as greater fat loss all over the body.

It is important to watch what you eat when you are trying to eliminate belly fat. Remember that a large soda contains double the calories in a banana. High fructose corn syrup, a form of sugar, is responsible for those calories and they carry absolutely no nutritional value. Sugar is your absolute worst enemy and does nothing but lengthen the weight loss process. So if you have a sugar craving, try alternating it with cinnamon powder. It helps subside sugar cravings but also regulate blood sugar. This is a win-win situation!

Move and Lose It!

Cardio exercises are the most effective when it comes to abdominal weight loss. According to doctors and researchers belly fat is more appropriately named Visceral Fat. This type of fat is located deep in the stomach around the organs. As compared to most of the other types of fat, belly fat is harder to get rid of because of its location. Also this is why crunches don’t work, because crunches impact on the surface muscles while the fat has deep roots. Therefore it is important to remove the fat in order for the muscles to show through.

And there is only one way to lose fat. Exercise!

Cardio and aerobic full-body exercises that help getting rid of more than 500 calories per hour are your best bet for quick weight loss. Remember to push yourself are hard as you can and take regular breaks throughout the hour to increase your stamina. Our AZ fitness trainers can be your perfect companions when you want to get fit, stay motivated and experience fast weight loss.

Also, remember that strolling lightly on the treadmill won’t do the job.  In order to lose weight, exercises have to be performed energetically. The best way to use this machine is to work your way slowly up to long burst of energy in between slow walks to make the best of this exercise.

Beware of Weight-Loss Supplement Sham!lose belly fat fast

And lastly, remember that there is no way you are going to lose all that belly fat in a week. So no matter how magical a pill sounds, it may end up doing more damage than good. Federal regulators come across hundreds of such dietary supplements every year. When tested these drugs are shown to contain either prescription compounds, or other dangerous concoctions that have not been studies on people at all.

Why would a person subject themselves to such travesty when only a month of hard work can give them concrete results? Exercise and diet are the only way to weight loss the healthy way.

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