I AM FIT 90-Day Weight Loss Program

I AM FIT 90-Day Weight Loss Scottsdale AZ

Stop making excuses, get fit, lose weight and start your healthy weight loss program today! Limited to the first 12 people that sign up.

Program Includes:I AM FIT 90-Day Weight Loss Scottsdale AZ

  • Weekly one-on-one 30 minute office visits or phone calls for 12 weeks. (Skype Available)
  • Weekly Progress Report: Identify the pros and cons of your week for healthy eating and exercise.
  • Custom Healthy Meal Plan written by Registered Dietitian, Dylan Jones.
  • List of options and substitutions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. (Family Friendly)
  • List of healthy meal options for five of your favorite restaurants.
  • Vitamin, mineral and supplement recommendations.
  • 1-Hour Grocery Store Tour. (In-State Only)
  • Support via-phone, text, e-mail 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.                                                             
  • Analysis and recommendations for decreasing stress levels.
  • Sleep improvement tips.
  • Weekly weigh-ins and monthly body fat testing, pictures and body measurements.
  • Online daily food tracking (For Smart Phones, Tablets & Computers).
  • Chronic illness, disease and injury prevention.
  • Cardio exercise recommendations.
  • Ultimate Nutrition Guide (40+ Pages on weight loss tips, portion eating, how to read nutrition labels, healthy recipes and more).

What is the I AM FIT 90-Day Weight Loss Program?

It’s a 90-day comprehensive weight loss Scottsdale AZ program that educates, motivates and holds you accountable. You will get the opportunity to work one-on-one with Celebrity Trainer, Lucas James and his Registered Dietitian, Dylan Jones to create a new healthy lifestyle and help attain your weight loss goal.

Nutrition, Diet & Fitness Education:

Sit down with us, one-on-one, each week and learn how to eat, prepare and order healthy meals; as well as the right cardio exercises to burn excess calories. Learn how to overcome your excuses, make your health a priority and create a nutrition and exercise routine you can enjoy!

– A comprehensive custom meal plan will be written out for you that will include different options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts based on your eating preferences and lifestyle. Including recipes, restaurants, grab-n-go, or food delivery.

– We work with each client one-on-one to teach and educate them about healthy foods they can cook at home or order at a restaurant.

– You will get a breakdown on how many calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates you should be eating each day.

– We will educate you on how to read nutrition labels on the back of foods and what things to look for.

– We research five restaurants that you frequent and give you recommendations for the healthy food choices or substitutions.

– A list of cardio exercises will be given to each client to help burn those extra calories. (A 12-week custom fitness workout plan is available. Ask for details.)

– Our Registered Dietitian will educate you about disease, illness and injury prevention. If you currently have a medical condition, illness or injury we will create a program tailored to improve your health and overall well being.

– Recommendations for vitamins, minerals and supplements will be given based on your goals and current health.

– 1-hour grocery store tour. Learn how to navigate through the grocery store and pick the right healthy foods.


– Each client will receive weekly support from Lucas James and Dylan Jones to help inspire and motivate for progress. We are on your team and we will make sure you feel that.

– Recommendations for workout music, motivational videos and pictures.


– “I’m too tired”, “I had to work”, “I didn’t have time” are excuses; and excuses produce zero results. We will hold you accountable and focused for success. We aren’t angry drill sargents, we just say everything with a smile and won’t tolerate your excuses. Get ready!Body Fat Testing Skin Fold Caliper

– Goal Setting: Weekly and monthly goals will be established including weight loss, exercise, sleep, food tracking and more.

– Weekly office weigh-ins on a scale.

– Monthly Progress Pictures: We will take 6-8 body pictures to help you see your body changes and improvements.

– Monthly Body Fat Testing: We use skin fold calipers, Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, or DEXA scan.

– Monthly Body Measurements: We will measure your neck, chest, shoulders, waist, hips, thigns, calfs, ankles, arms and wrists to track changes.

Limited Availability:

To ensure each client receives one-one-one attention, the I AM FIT 90-Day Weight Loss Scottsdale AZ Program is only available to the first 12 people that sign-up. We pride our program on its customization and detail. We want to make sure your weight loss experience is the best and last one.


Our goal for you is to lose 2lbs a week depending on your weight loss goal. Some may lose more. We won’t make unattainable goals, we will set realistic goals to keep you at pace that keeps you motivated, stress-free and losing weight! More importantly, our goal is to create a program for you to maintain your weight loss and not gain it back.

Results aren’t guaranteed. They’re earned. If you’re consistent with the healthy meal plan and learn to make your health a priority – you will lose weight! We didn’t invent a magic pill or diet – it’s real food and exercise.

CAUTION: At the the end of the I AM FIT 90-Day Weight Loss Program you may need to buy new clothing because your old clothing may not fit.


– Ideal Candidate: He or she wants to lose 10lbs or more in weight loss or 3 percent of body fat or more.

– 18 years of age or older.

– Each client must sign and fill out medical history questionnaire and contract agreement.

– Participate in 12 weekly 30-minute check-ins at office or via phone call. (Skype Available)

– Track daily meals and drinks via online food tracking software. (Available for smart phones, tablets and computers)

– Willing to put your health as priority and motivated to lose weight!

– Emotionally committed to make healthy changes in his or her life.

– Be honest with us and communicate so we can make your weight loss experience the best.

Core Factors for Creating Your Customized I AM FIT 90-Day Weight Loss Program:

– Current eating habitsWeight Loss Scottsdale AZ
– Food allergies
– Blood type
– Medications
– Hormone and Estrogen Levels
– Blood pressure and Cholesterol
– Eating schedule
– Food preferences
– Favorite restaurant foods and healthy alternatives
– Specific dietary strengths and weaknesses
– Food shopping habits
– Cooking & Food Preparation
– Age, Height, Weight, BMI, RMR, Body Fat, Body Measurements, Resting Heart Rate and more!
– Food Preferences (Likes & Dislikes)
– Suggestions and Substituitions for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Desserts
– Caloric Intake and Macro Nutrients
– Portion Sizes
– Nutritional Timing
– Cooking/Dining Out Preferences
– Healthy Recipes You Like
– Healthy Grocery List (Affordable and Convenient)
– Water Intake
– Exercise Frequency

Choose Your Goal or Lifestyle

– Weight LossHealthy Weight Loss Diet Food
– Extreme Weight Loss (50lbs+)
– Reduce Body Fat
– Lose Inches Around Waist
– Get 6 Pack Abs
– Retired
– Stay-at-Home Mother
– CEO or Executive
– Obese
– Elderly
– Unhealthy Family
– Sports Performance
– Traveling Business Person
– Pre or Post Surgery
– Pre or Post Pregnancy
– Lower Blood Pressure or Cholesterol
– Chronic Illness or Disease

Choose Your Food Preferences:

– Vegan
– Organic
– Raw Food
– Natural
– Gluten Free
– Dairy Free
– High Protein
– Dinning Out
– Healthy Food Delivery
– Private Chef
– Spanish Cuisine
– Italian Cuisine
– Indian Cuisine
– Asian Cuisine