John Goodman’s Weight Loss Diet and Workout

John Goodman’s Weight Loss Diet and Workout

We have known him over the years as being a funny and likeable guy, but we have also known John Goodman to be a large guy.  He once reached 400 pounds at his peak weight, which shows just how large he actually was.  However, in recent years, you may have noticed that John Goodman looks quite thin, around 100 pounds thinner.  Most celebrities who lose large amounts of weight are suspect to lap band and other surgeries, but one of the best stories around is how John Goodman lost over 100 pounds from the best method around; through diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

The John Goodman Weight Loss Program

Listed below is the program and lifestyle John Goodman used to lose over 100 pounds to improve his appearance and increase his energy and vitality.  Take a look at some of the aspects of his program and find some helpful elements that you can incorporate into your weight loss and fitness program.

  • Cardio.  When Goodman was at the extreme of his weight and size, his fitness was one of the first things he changed.  Living a sedentary life for many years led him to his large weight gain and he knew he needed to change this, which is why he searched for a trainer.  After finding a trainer, he says that a large part of his program included cardio.  The trainer had him doing 40 minutes of cardio in the morning and 40 minutes at night for a total of 80 minutes spread out throughout the day.  Goodman says that he used to do a lot of walking for his cardio, but his knees were painful from the walking so now he does the elliptical and a recumbent bike.
  • Frequency.  His cardio was so imbedded into his daily life and routine that he was pretty much doing it every day.  In fact, he was working out at least six days a week, which is ideal for weight loss.  Included in his cardio was resistance band training, which is great for working the muscles for endurance.
  • Not Overdoing It. Goodman hired a health coach and trainer and while he says he breaks a sweat and works hard, his “secret” has been that he does not overdo it.  In other words, he does not kill himself on every workout, which allows him to be consistent with his training regimen and has allowed him to do 80 minutes of cardio every day.
  • Drop The Booze. One critical element of his training and lifestyle program is that Goodman dropped the booze.  He states that he was pretty much an alcoholic and when it came time for him to lean up and change his ways, he quickly dropped the booze.  This has been monumental in his weight drop and while alcohol provides a sense of relaxing, the body will add fat at a quick rate, not to mention the empty calories you get with each drink.
  • Food Choices. Another crucial element in John Goodman’s weight loss program is his diet.  The start to his new diet was eliminating alcohol, but the other element he eliminated was added sugars.  Added sugars are a source of empty calories and nowadays, Goodman says he cannot tolerate sugar.  In addition to eliminating sugar from his diet, he credits maintaining his hunger levels by making smoothies with fresh fruit and whey protein powder.  He is lactose intolerant and cannot have lactose so much of his smoothies include soy products.
  • Protein.  Some experts credit weight loss with an increase in protein.  This is exactly what Goodman did.  He increased his consumption of lean meats and proteins to help stave off hunger. In addition to the addition of lean proteins, fresh vegetables were a low-calorie way to fill his stomach and prevent feeling tired afterwards.  Some foods included kosher hot dogs and other sources of lean proteins (fish, lean cut red meats, chicken) in addition to any fresh vegetables imaginable.

Weight Loss

If you are searching for a weight loss program and desire to shred down a little, consider the lifestyle that Goodman lives now.  Included are ample cardio, resistance bands exercises, and a healthy and clean lifestyle.  Whether you are looking to lose 100 pounds or 10, the Goodman program listed above can apply to your everyday life.  Consider adding in at least two aspects from John Goodman’s healthy life into your lifestyle over this next month and see how your energy levels change and how well you feel.






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