How to Lose Weight After the Age 40

How to Lose Weight After the Age 40Losing weight at any age, is no easy task. But trying to lose weight after the age 40, poses some significant challenges. Unfortunately as we age, our body starts to slow down in function and there a several age related declines in many of the important physiological systems and processes within our body. In this article, we will discuss the age related changes in our body, that make losing weight a lot harder.

As we age, our body shape naturally changes. Our bodies are made up of muscles, bones, organs, fat and water and as we age, we slowly begin to change. We slowly start to lose muscle mass (atrophy), particularly after the age of 30. Whilst our bones begin to lose some of their mineral content. The water content within our body also reduces and our body starts to store more fat. All of these factors have an impact on our overall body shape. This is what makes losing weight after 40, just so difficult.

Despite these age related changes, there is hope. See although we can’t avoid this natural process, there are several ways you can slow the process or prevent the severity of its onset. These simple steps cover some of the things you can do to help you lose weight after the age of 40.

Change your Lifestyle

Lifestyle habits are the number one culprit for weight gain. Any change in your diet or exercise regime will have significant impacts on your health. Start by getting professional help on how to eat for your age and for weight loss. Seeing a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist to develop a tailored nutritional plan is the first step to help you lose that stubborn weight. Your plan will be developed specifically to your bodies requirements including factors such as your age, height, weight, exercise regime, personal food likes and dislikes and previous dietary behaviors. Once you have your diet plan in place, you need to get serious about your exercise. It is too easy to start a training program one week and then quit it the next. You need to commit to a formal program or trainer. Commit to a 12 week challenge or a training program that you can not quit without having to face up to someone. This responsibility, will help keep you compliant and through this, will ultimately give you the results you want to see. Lastly, its time to cut out any other bad lifestyle habits you’re guilty of. This includes smoking, binge or daily drinking of alcohol and stress. All of these lifestyle factors equally contribute to poor health and prevent weight loss. Start by slowing weaning yourself off them and then with time completely cut them out. With time and the improvements from your new diet and exercise behaviors, you find your body doesn’t need or crave these bad habits like it used to.

If you’ve made it this far into to this article, I can only assume you are over 40 and want to lose weight. Let me emphasis that now is the most important time for you to make the changes required. We can not rewind the clock, but we can start a fresh right now. Make the commitment and change your lifestyle and start losing weight.

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